Health Officer

Milton T. Bratz, Health Officer
603.444.3996 ext. 27
Joanna Ray, Deputy Health Officer
125 Main Street 
Littleton, NH 03779

Enforcement of Public Health Laws
Septic Isues
Food Contamination
Commercial Establishments
Concerns with Living Conditions in Rental Housing
Exterior Physical Conditions

Public outreach, education, and assistance regarding interpretation and application of Housing Standards, Septics and Wells
Field inspection as necessary and/or required
Inspections of Day Care establishments, Foster Homes and Schools as necessary

Septic & Wells
The installation or upgrade of septic systems and/or wells is regulated by the NH Department of Environmental Services.  Please contact them directly at (603) 271-3503 in regards to your project or questions.  Septic Systems in failure may also be reported to the Littleton Health Officer.

Complaints to the Health Officer are required to be filed in writing.  You may obtain a complaint form at the Littleton Town Office or by downloading here.  Complaint forms must be complete in order to be processed.

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