Board of Selectmen

Carrie L. Gendreau, Vice Chairman - Term Expires 2021
Chad Stearns, Selectman - Term Expires 2022
Franco D. Rossi, Chairman - Term Expires 2020

Selectmen's Email:

Executive Secretary for the Board of Selectmen
Ceil Stubbings

Important information:
Littleton Board of Selectmen Agenda Policy - 2018



Littleton has functioned as a Board of Selectmen/Town Manager form of government since 1976.

The Littleton Board of Selectmen meets the 2nd Monday and the 4th Monday of each month at 5:00 PM at the Littleton Community House - Heald Room. During the months of June, July and August the Board only meet once a month. Please refer to the week at a glance for the schedule of the summer meetings

Requests to make an appointment procedure:

It is the practice of the Select Board to reserve the Appointments part of its agenda for the purpose of official reports. No public comment, except as noted below, shall be taken during this period. Official reports are defined as reports from any elected or appointed Town Board, Commission, Committee or department head. If the said report is from a Board, Commission or Committee, the report must be one that represents the majority of that body, not that solely of the person/individual making the report. All requests from one of the official bodies listed above must be submitted to the Executive Secretary no later than the Wednesday prior to the meeting requested. The only exceptions to this requirement are in cases deemed to be of high importance by mutual agreement of the Town Manager and Chairman of the Select Board.