Planning & Zoning Board Notices & Minutes

May 5, 2015

Approved Planning Board Minutes May 5, 2015

TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015
6:00 P.M.

PRESENT: Chairman Charlie Ryan, Vice Chair Linda MacNeil, Val Poulsen, Jim Daly, Mary Menzies, and Joanna Ray (recording secretary)

EXCUSED: Tony J. Ilacqua, Bruce Ralston, and Colin Trahan

OTHERS: Ron Bolt, Dann, and Mary Boulanger

Chairman Ryan called the meeting to order at 6:00 and designated Mary Menzies as a voting member for this meeting.

Election of Officers
This was postponed until June 2, 2015.

Review & approve minutes from April 21, 2015
Jim Daly made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Val Poulsen seconded the motion. The motion passed by all.

Energy Conservation Committee
Ron Bolt, Dann, and Mary Boulanger are members of the ECC. Ron told the Board that it has been 5 years since the Energy Chapter was added to the Master Plan. The ECC would like to update the chapter and possibly trim it. Vice Chair MacNeil replied that this update will be the one that is needed for the year. Each year the Board updates one chapter when it fits into their schedule. Ron said the ECC would like to focus more on the Littleton area. Chairman Ryan appointed the group to update this chapter. When the chapter is ready for Planning Board review, a public hearing will be scheduled.

The next item Ron Bolt discussed was regarding the River District project. Ron would like to know the Planning Board’s view of what they think the Town should look like regarding this redevelopment area. Vice Chair MacNeil suggested repurposing the old buildings, not building new ones, and having green space. Chairman Ryan stated the he and Connie McDade were asked if they were interested in representing ARLAC at the River District meetings, but were not invited to the meetings. Bruce Ralston was the Planning Board representative at the River District meetings, Mary Boulanger is a non-voting representative from the Conservation Commission and Ron is a non-voting representative from the ECC. Val Poulsen was also on the River District Committee, but the meeting times did not work for him. Ron said that he belongs to the land use subcommittee with Dann, Mary, and Chad Stearns. Ron said the land use subcommittee suggested a mixed use zone instead of only residential or commercial. There is current focus on the pedestrian bridge.

The next topic was in regards to some towns giving tax exemptions for people upgrading to renewable energy. Ron Bolt said it was something they would present to the Board of Selectmen, but he wanted the Planning Board to be aware of it. It would be a slight incentive for a property owner to upgrade their property without being penalized through an assessment increase.

The final topic was about repurposing the retired landfill with solar PV installation. One option is for the Town to build, operate, and maintain it. The second option would be for a third party to build, operate, and maintain it. This would also generate tax revenue. This idea would most likely need to be presented to the voters as well as NHDES. This would generate power to LW&L with credits passed on to the users. Everyone agreed that this would fit into the image of the Master Plan. White Mountain School is currently working on one.

The Town received a complaint letter and follow up from an unidentified resident regarding a possible zoning violation on property owned by Steve Kelley on Union Street. Vice Chair MacNeil does not feel the Town should address the complaint because no one signed the letter. Val Poulsen agreed. Chairman Ryan said the complaint should have been addressed to the Zoning Officer. Ryan asked how long they have been there. Val said he placed them there about 5 years ago.

At 6:40, Vice Chair MacNeil made a motion to adjourn. Jim Daly seconded the motion. The motion passed by all.

Submitted by,
Joanna Ray