Planning & Zoning Board Notices & Minutes

Jan 5, 2016

Approved Planning Board Minutes Jan 5, 2016

6:30 P.M.

PRESENT: Vice Chair Linda MacNeil, Val Poulsen, Jim Daly, Bruce Ralston, Mary Menzies, Tony J. Ilacqua, Colin Trahan, Milton Bratz, and Joanna Ray (recording secretary)

EXCUSED: Chairman Charlie Ryan

OTHERS: Tom Smith, Darin Wipperman, John Hennessey, and Andy Smith

Vice Chair MacNeil called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Colin Trahan was designated a voting member for this hearing.

Dr. Robert & Barbara Enderson, Owners / Thomas S. Smith, Agent – PB16-01 – Request for a 2-lot subdivision located at 133 Richmond St, tax map 80-65, in the R-I & C-2 zones.

Vice Chair MacNeil reviewed the case folder and accepted it as complete. The hearing was noticed, abutters were notified, and the case fees were paid.

Tom Smith presented. The parcel currently has a single-family residence. The Enderson’s plan on selling the house and building another on the newly created lot. The parcels meet the Zoning Ordinance requirements. There is a ROW on the Enderson property for access to a Town owned parcel. The Enderson’s might look into what needs to be done to remove it because the Town has access from a different location. These parcels have Town utilities. No one else had any questions. Vice Chair MacNeil closed the public input.

Tony J. Ilacqua made a motion to approve PB16-01 with the condition that the applicants comply with all Federal, State, and Local regulations. Val Poulsen second the motion. The motion passed by all.

The Board discussed the following submitted 2016 Petition Warrant Article:
“To see if the Town will vote to change the zoning classification of Map/Lot 44-23, a 12.1 acre parcel and Map/Lot 44-33, a 4.3 acre parcel presently owned by Kimberly Rene Howard 1998 Revocable Trust, situated on the west side of Old Waterford Road and currently in the Residential-II, Rural, and Commercial-III zones, so that these two (2) parcels shall be in the Commercial-I zone.”

Andy Smith spoke about the petitioned warrant article. The properties are located off I-93, exit 43. One parcel is almost entirely in the C-III zone and the other has only a portion in the C-III zone. Other commercial uses in the area are the Health and Human Services office and Dutch Gold. Property across the street was changed to C-I years ago. Andy feels this request is consistent with the Littleton Master Plan. Page 85 of the Master Plan addresses the need to add more commercial and industrial use property. Meadow Street is nearly full. Andy said there is no current contract for this property and it can continue being used as a residence if the warrant article passes. Bruce Ralston cautioned against spot zoning.

Andy Smith and the Board discussed the parcel numbers in the petition. The first map/lot should be 44-32 instead of 44-23. Everyone acknowledged this was a typo. Vice Chair MacNeil made the correction on the petition and initialed it. Milton Bratz stated he was not opposed to this petition. Vice Chair MacNeil stated the Board would hold a second public hearing due to the correction of the map/lot. The public hearing will be on January 19, 2016 and it will be noticed properly.

Milton Bratz made a motion for the Board to support this petition contingent on the correction of the map/lot. Tony J. Ilacqua second the motion. The motion passed.
Addition to Section 6B, Approval Period. The section will read “Unless the Planning Board imposes a different time period for completion of conditions precedent in the context of a specific conditional approval, the final plat shall be filed in the office of the Grafton County Register of Deeds within six (6) months after final approval by the Planning Board.” (New wording is in bold).

The Board discussed the wording and decided it needs to be reworded. Jim Daly will work with Joanna Ray to fix the wording. Another public hearing will take place and be properly noticed.

John Hennessey presented a handout to the Board. John gave a brief explanation of how the Commission was developed. Val Poulsen was an original member. Bruce Ralston is a current member. John explained the Town infrastructure needs to be repaired. Saranac and Mill Streets are old and will be costly to fix. The project will be done in phases and use minimal amounts of local funds. Outside funding will be applied for. Once the infrastructure is repaired, more businesses can come in and help with the tax base. There is currently vacant lots that are privately owned. The Commission is proposing a mixed use area. John stated the NHDOT has given the Commission a verbal agreement to work with the Commission where the projects connect to a State road. A page in the handout showed the proposed Saranac Street reconfiguration. A Shoreland exemption was approved, but not for all of the parcels. Colin Trahan asked if there was an expiration to the approval. John was unsure. Tony J. Ilacqua asked if the current Saranac St./ Meadow St. connection would stay open. John replied it would be closed off with the reconfiguration design. John explained a full downtown walkable path would be created with the new bridge.

John Hennessey noted there is a problem area behind the Bank of NH. There is no real direction down there and the Commission would like to create something safer and bring this river district area into the downtown.

Vice Chair MacNeil asked if there will be places designated to walk safely to the river. John Hennessey stated that it would be up to the private land owners. There are some steep embankments.

Tony J. Ilacqua asked if the Commission has a good relationship with the property owners involved in this project. John Hennessey replied they have spoken with many of them. The Board briefly discussed the junk on the Gould property on Saranac Street.

John Hennessey explained there will be sidewalk repairs. Tony J. Ilacqua stated he would like to see green space in the plan. The Kober lot would work for this. John stated that Kober has been approached. John then gave a list of current supporters such as LIDC, Littleton Water & Light, NCIC, North Country Council, Littleton Chamber of Commerce, CDFA, Grafton County Economic Development Council, and Littleton Main Street Inc. The Commission also has support from Governor Hassan, Senators Ayotte and Shaheen, Representative Kuster, NHDOT, and Governor’s Councilor Kenney.

John Hennessey explained that Littleton Water & Light is supportive of the Main Street – Phase 2 project. This will start in the Dunkin Donuts area and continues to the Meadow Street intersection.

John Hennessey explained that the Commission needs to raise $900K before they can apply for outside funding. The entire project will be about $6 million. The Commission has currently raised $1.9 million. Applying for outside funding is a competitive process. Tony J. Ilacqua asked who decides which parts of the project are done first. John explained the BOS will decide. The Commission will only give recommendations. John explained if the warrant article for $900k passes, every dollar up to $900k spent will have at least a 2 for 1 match from outside funding, with a goal of 6 for 1 match. If no outside funding is available for match, the $900k will not be spent. If the warrant article fails, the majority of outside funding will not be available.

Milton Bratz stated that some people might not see how this project helps those other than Main Street. John Hennessey stated it is good for the community. Bruce Ralston asked how the Planning Board could help. John suggested sharing this information. Tony J. Ilacqua asked what the time frame was. John replied they will work on projects as the funding comes in. The bridge replacement is scheduled for this summer. Colin Trahan asked what would be first. John replied that Phase 2 of Main Street and Saranac Street would be the ideal place to start because of the sewer system.

Bruce Ralston made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Jim Daly second the motion. The motion passed.

The Board agreed to meet on January 19, 2016 for the second public hearing on the petition warrant article and to continue the discussion on the change to the Subdivision Regulations.

At 7:30, Val Poulsen made a motion to adjourn. Tony J. Ilacqua second the motion. The motion passed.

Submitted by,
Joanna Ray