Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Jan 26, 2015

Approved Minutes Jan 26, 2015

5:00 PM

Present: Town Manager Fred Moody, Chairman Milton T. Bratz, Selectman G. Michael Gilman, Vice Chairman Marghie Seymour attending by phone conference from New Mexico on personal family business, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings

Others Present: Ken Rodgers (KRT), Rob Tozier (KRT), Sam Green (DRA), (Channel 2), Scott & Paul (MRI Representatives), Rudy Gelsi, Erin Hennessey (State Representative), Jerry Lesage, Eddy Moore, Dann,
Paul McKinney (MRI), Scott March (MRI), Brien Ward
Chairman Bratz called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

KRT Assessors _ Ken Rodgers & Rob Tozier – 2015 Property Revaluation
Ken Rodgers and Rob Tozier provided a presentation that covered the process used for the Town’s 2015 Revaluation. The two main types of valuations is a revaluation update which is inspecting all the sale properties over the last two years. They then calculate the statistical models over the last few years. Rodgers stated that they would set up taxpayer meetings to explain the process. The only difference between a revaluation update and a full revaluation is to do all of the properties in the process. They chose to go with an update versus a full valuation. They use a mass appraisal approach, a sales approach, cost approach and income approach to assess the value. Bratz asked if you had two homes that were side by side and one was always kept up and the other was unkempt would they be assessed differently. The assessors said that if it is just the paint that is not done it will not be assessed differently. Bratz asked about sampling and if they sample all of the sales in the last two years. KRT said they go to all the arms sales that are sold on the open market. Bratz then asked about neighborhood adjustment. The assessors said there is a land curve that gives a different value for a smaller parcel. Bratz said his last question had to do with a statement in the contract. Land value shall be determined from land sales if possible. However due to DRA rules they can look at other values. Brien Ward said their company was selected because they wanted to have a second set of eyes to see what was done. Ward said that in both 2006 and 2011 there were deep budget cuts, the reval was not the main factor but it was a contributing one. Sam Green said they had a meeting with the assessors and talked about the various aspects of this revaluation. This is the minimum that can be done. When you are doing a statistical update you are assuming the records are up to date. You are knocking on doors and hoping people are home or leaving door hangers to try and set up an appointment. It also involves going out and getting the best information on the sales, not the foreclosures. There is a five year reval requirement and there is a constitutional requirement. The reason we met is the state of NH Department of Revenue is to oversee the reval’s and make to make sure towns are getting what they are paying for in their contracts. Green said the goal here is to be close to 100% market value

Citizen’s Concerns: None

Town Manager’s Report:
Moody provided an update on Old County Road. They finalized the design with the applicant and Horizons.
The other easement plans will be presented to McDonald’s and the Town in the next few weeks. Once that is settled the easements will be in place and they can take the bond. Moody said they heard from DOT on the Transportation Alternatives Grant application for the Cottage Street sidewalk. They received forty-three applications and they funded twelve. The Town of Littleton was second runner up at number fourteen. We missed out by only two. The only project funded north of Laconia north city was Colbrook. We are the second runner up to the city of Portsmouth. If any of the twelve funded Town’s are not able to meet the grant requirements or they back out then that money would become available to fund the next project in line. Fourteen out of forty-three is not bad. Moody said he had a couple of announcements. The proposed medical marijuana dispensary is not going to be approved as an acceptable location because it was in a drug free zone.

Old Business:

New Business:
Warrant & Budget Posting
Moody said the warrant has been posted today. There are forty eight articles that will be taken up at the deliberative session at the high school cafeteria on February 3rd. The warrant and budget will be on the town website, but if you want a hard copy please stop by the office and we will provide you with one.

Moody said that Article 35 to increase the number of selectmen triggered an additional requirement per RSA 48:8-b that a public hearing has to be held no later than the 3rd Thursday before the annual meeting. Moody said that gives them up to March 7th. Moody said he discussed this with the chairman and it was decided the second meeting in February will be on Tuesday, February 17th when the public hearing would be held. Rudy Gelsi wanted to mention about article 35. RSA 41:c states that voters can amend any warrant article. Gelsi said that Selectman Seymour said that she would accept the article if they were split up. One to increase the board size and the other to talk about the money. Moody said the warrant is posted as is and cannot be changed at this point. It can be amended at the deliberative session on February 3rd. Moody said that if it passes it would not take effect until 2016.There is an inherent conflict in the article as written. Gelsi said the way it is written now it is prejudicial to the people. Moody said that should have been thought of when the article was written. Twenty-five or more people signed that petition. Moody told Gelsi that he could not represent the people on the petition. It has to remain as it is. Moody added that counsel has advised that they are not sure that this is a legal article. Because the statute is very clear that says if you want to change the composition of the board, the language is: “Do you support the increase of selectmen to five.” That is all that you can say

Dann asked if a pharmacy would be able to set up a business down there at the furniture store that is up for sale. Marghie said she had the same question. Moody said we don’t have an application before us for a type of pharmacy he believes it might be allowed in that zone. Dann said the company that requested it is a pharmacy. Dann then asked where the drug free zone is. Bratz said it is one thousand feet in the vicinity of the schools. Bratz said his other question is why this drug was not given to the hospital and the current pharmacies.
Other Business:

Conduct any other business that may come before the Board
Board of Assessors: - Abatements
James W. Powers Inc., Tax Map/Lot 73/70 Tax Year 2014, Abatement $814.74
James W. Powers Inc., Tax Map/Lot 73/67 Tax Year 2014, Abatement $814.74

Seymour made the motion to approve the first abatement listed above. Eddy Moore had a point of order. Moore said they had to make a motion to go into the board of assessors. Gilman made the motion to go into the board of assessors. Seymour seconded the motion. Motion to go into a board of assessors meeting passed unanimously. Gilman seconded the motion to approve the first abatement. Motion passed 3-0. Gilman made the motion to accept the second abatement request as listed above. Seymour seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0. Gilman made the motion to adjourn. Seymour seconded the motion. Motion to adjourn passed 3-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.