Committee Meetings

Sep 13, 2018

Budget Committee/Town/School Meeting - September 13, 2018

Budget Committee Meeting                                                          
Thursday, September 13, 2018
Town, School Board and                                                                                     
4:00 PM
Finance Departments
Community Center Heald Room
Main Street, Littleton NH                                                                             

Meeting Minutes

Ann Wiggett; Schuyler Sweet; Kim Woodson; Thomas Mangels; Steven Nilhas;            Dan Stearns; Carrie Gendreau; Franco Rossi; Leslie Robbins; Millie Nelson; Steve Kelley;        Chris Sweeney; Heather Porter; Dianne Cummings; Karen Noyes; Ralph Hodgman; Justin Roshak (Courier); Rudy Gelsi; Patricia Drapeau (School Board Secretary)

I.         Call to Order – Ann Wiggett at 4:00 p.m.

II.      Presentation from School District
  1. a.    Fund Balances and Impact on Tax Rates – Tom Mangels – reviewed fund balances as of the end of June 2018 and the current balances of the capitol reserve funds.  Tom explained that after reviewing the net appropriation; adequacy aid grant; and deducting the statewide property tax; we come up with the local tax effort.  What we are submitting is $79,000 less than the amount raised by taxes last year.  Based on last fall’s evaluation it’s about an 11 cent variance. Discussion ensued. Overall, the feeling is that the school district is in pretty good shape going into the current fiscal year.


                                        III.      Presentation from the Town

  1.          a.    Karen Noyes presented a summary of the current budget; revenues and expenditures.  Revenues are at about 60% of what the projections were for the 2018 budget.  Many of the revenues come in at the end of the year. Expenditures are at 65.71% as far as expenses go, she felt that they would be within the budget.  Fund balances were not used last year and it was her opinion that the fund balance wouldn’t be any higher than last year at $550,000.  Also, presented was a budget procedure policy for the town approved by the Selectboard which spells out a lot of goals and deadlines.  Discussion ensued.


Diane Cummings explained the Budget Committee’s position as far as timing and deadlines in meeting with the town and school departments along with the non-profit agencies for the petitioned warrant articles.  Scheduling the non-profit agencies to present in the October meetings and the town and school in November and December will help the process run more smoothly. Discussion ensued regarding procedure and scheduling.

IV.      Adjournment - Schuyler Sweet adjourned the meeting at 4:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Patricia Drapeau

School Board Secretary


School Board Approved 10/1/2018