Planning & Zoning Board Notices & Minutes

Sep 4, 2018

Approved Planning Board Minutes - September 4, 2018

6:00 PM

PRESENT:  Chair Linda MacNeil, Franco Rossi, Mary Menzies, Milton Bratz, and Colin Trahan


EXCUSED:  Vice Chair Tony J. Ilacqua, Jim Daly, Val Poulsen, and Bruce Ralston


OTHERS:  Chet Savage and Janet Savage


Chair MacNeil called the meeting to order at 6:00. Milton and Colin will be voting members.


Chet and Janet Savage were present to ask questions regarding subdividing property on Gannon Road.  Chet knew some Board members had questions about it.


Chair MacNeil stated that there are no regulations that would restrict all landowners along Gannon Road from subdividing their land.  Concerns raised in 2007 were related to future subdivisions.  There is an easement for future road improvements.  Chet stated that there is an easement along the entire front of the property.  The easement is for 30’ from the centerline.   


Chet stated that one driveway will be used to access all of the proposed lots.  Chet also stated that Gannon Road had a narrow spot, but will be improved with the recent removal of three large maple trees. Janet added that the stumps will be removed once she has the signed trench permit from the Town Office.  Chet added that the Town Road Agent, Bill Sargent, visited the site and they discussed the site distance. Bill had not voiced any objections.  The property recently completed a timber cut.  Chet was not aware of any complaints with the 7-10 tractor trailers using the road.


Milton asked what other concerns the Board would have with a subdivision on Gannon Road.  Chair MacNeil stated the quality of the road is a concern. Milton asked about potential upgrades. Chet replied that there would probably be better ditching.  Some ditching was done on either side of his property. Removing the stumps will improve the area that is only about 14’ wide.  Colin added that Gannon Road isn’t really a through road.  Chair MacNeil stated that this is a Town road and there are no specific regulations to prevent a subdivision there.  


Chet told the Board that there has never been a driveway permit issued for these two lots. 


Colin asked if there were any wetlands on these lots.  Chet replied that there is a small area, but it will not be disturbed.  Chair MacNeil informed Chet that the submitted plat will need to show the wetlands area and reference a maintenance agreement for the shared driveway. In regards to the wetlands area, Colin said the State would regulate any changes to it.


Chair MacNeil summarized the Board’s concerns as being the condition of the road and the easement.  Franco asked about the easement along the front of the property and whether or not it could be amended. Chair MacNeil replied that it could be amended.  Franco stated he was concerned with the wording of the Town relocating the stone wall and suggested rewording it to say removing.  Relocating would cost the taxpayers a lot of money. Chet told the Board he would ask Bill Sargent if he felt the stone wall would need to be removed to make the road sufficient.  Colin stated future owners needed to be protected. 


The Board adjourned at 6:27 PM.


Minutes were transcribed from a recording.