Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Jul 11, 2016

Approved Minutes Jul 11, 2016


MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016
4:45 PM

Present: Chairman Milton T. Bratz, V. Chairman Schuyler Sweet, Selectman Ed Hennessey, Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings

Others Present: Three Residents from Ledgeway Road, George McNamara (Public Works Director), Chad Fillion (Channel 2), Eddy Moore, Darin Wipperman (The Courier)

Bratz opened the public hearing at 4:45 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance

Bratz advised the public hearing had been requested by petition from four of the five abutters on of Ledgeway Road. George McNamara said he was not an expert on the betterment assessment but was present to explain what needs to be done to the road. McNamara developed a list of things that had to be done to bring the road up to Town standards. There are three homes on the road. He went up and looked at the road. McNamara referenced some pictures and a schematic of the road the Town Manager had put up on the screen. The road needs to be widened and might also need a couple of culverts in addition to the installation of 100 to 150 feet of guard rails. Ledgeway is a good road it is just the width. McNamara said he did request one culvert be switched out because it is rusted. He was asked to put together a cost estimate. He used standard construction estimates and came up with a total of $41,000 to bring the road up to speed. The estimate has a contingency and additional fees. One of the residents of the road said they had their own estimate of $35,000 from a private contractor. McNamara said it is a nice area and he would encourage the town to help make this a town road. Bratz said this has happened before but not necessarily in Littleton. Bratz said it is his understanding the selectmen have to hire the contractor. The petitioners have agreed to equally share the cost of the road improvements. . One petitioner asked about a culvert that will need replacing for a new driveway. The petitioner believes the owner of that property should pay for the replacement. The board proceeded with the board of selectmen’s meeting at 5:03 PM and left the public hearing open until 5:15 PM. Below is a summary of the process of the betterment assessment as discussed in the public hearing. The public hearing was closed at 5:15 PM without any further comments or questions. The next hearing will be held on August 8th

Ledgewood Road – Betterment Assessment Process
1. Petition to BOS from road abutters requesting Betterment Assessment Improvements,
2. Petitioner(s) notice all parcel owners which will benefit/be liable for betterment assessment costs,
3. Cost Estimate Developed (By Petitioners & Evaluated by Town),
4. BOS holds Better Assessment Public Hearing(either two separate meetings or combine) Detail Review of Layout/Cost Estimate & Occasion,
5. BOS determines whether to proceed with project,
6. Abutting parcel owners have 10 days to submit protest to action (majority required to negate request),
7. Funds added to Budget & Funds added to Revenue of Town Budget,
8. Work completed to improve road,
9. Road accepted by BOS as Class V town road,
10. Abutting parcel owners billed for cost of work (period from 1 to 10 years and method of % to each parcel TBD by BOS).


Bratz moved into the board of selectmen’s meeting at 5:03 PM.

Present: Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Milton T. Bratz, Vice Chairman Schuyler Sweet, Selectman Ed Hennessey, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings

Others Present: Steve Kelley (Budget Committee), Diane Cummings (Budget Committee), Darin Wipperman (The Courier), Robert Blechl (The White Mountain Record), Karen Noyes (Finance Director), Rudy Gelsi, Chief Paul Smith (Littleton PD), George McNamara (Public Works Director)

Budget Committee Members – Steve Kelley, Diane Cummings
Bratz introduced Steve Kelley and Diane Cummings from the budget committee. The purpose of inviting them was to setup the budget meeting schedule. Andrew Dorsett said he had talked with the school and they were not interested in setting up a schedule and that they were not intending to meet with the budget committee until December. Dorsett is proposing a joint meeting between the town and school on September 6th to setup a meeting once a month and to determine what the expectations are from the Town. The dates being proposed are October 4th, November 8th and December 6th. The Town would like to have the budget committee provide them with any questions or comments at least one week prior to each meeting. He would also like the budget committee to make their final recommendations sometime in the middle of December. Dorsett said that in looking at reducing the number of meetings they may have to look at how the budget is presented. Dorsett said more attention should be made to major changes in the budget and what is required and necessary. They would then meet on January 9th and the 23rd for the board of selectmen’s work sessions when the warrant articles are reviewed. Diane Cummings said she was hoping that at the initial meeting with the Town and the school we would go over the expenses, the tax base and the revenues to set some general goals for the budget. She thinks that in itself would reduce the number of meetings. Before the departments would come with their budgets and it had not been seen before by the selectmen. Ed Hennessey said that The Town Manager and the Finance Director will be presenting the budget to the committee including the warrant articles. Bratz said what happened last year will not happen again, there will not be any surprises. Bratz said they will also not be making any final decisions until the budget committee makes their recommendations. Steve Kelley said it all sounds good but basically we are starting earlier but the process is about the same. Kelley said he would like to have a new budget committee meeting in August to go over the half year numbers for the Town and the school to get a general feeling as to where we are. This would be an organizational meeting. Noyes said she was presenting the budget to the board tonight and would email the half year figures to Kelley in the morning.

Town Manager’s Report:
Ken Curran Bridge Plaque
Dorsett said Littleton Main Street Inc. was the recipient of the Ken Curran back in 2004. There was a process that was established that would allow the Town to use the funds. Dorsett sat down with the chairman of Main Street Inc., Jim Alden. They came up with the process of how to expend the funds for this project. Dorsett said not much has been spent. It was originally around $25,000 and right now has a balance of approximately $21,000. This plaques will cost about $1,000 to put on both ends of the bridge in honor of Ken Curran. Dorsett said the Town will submit a proposal to Main St. Inc. The Town will perform the duties of the project and then Main Street Inc., will pay the bill for the improvements. They are fine with paying the invoices directly. Hennessey made the motion to the place plaques on the bridge. Sweet seconded the motion. The motion assed 3-0. Bratz asked if the wording on the plaque was final. Dorsett said what they have is the final draft but it can still be changed. Bratz read the end of the wording and where it is written then it should be corrected to than. There was a question of whether there would be some kind of celebration or dedication.

Profile Cable Consortium Contract
Dorsett said they are working on renewing the agreement. The consortium is still intact, but is not very active. It is part of the consortium. Eddy Moore said the other Towns should appoint someone from each of their Towns as a representative. The school is involved in this to some point. They are the ones who control Channel 2. The selectmen control Channel 2 one hundred percent. Dorsett said he has also been working with a consultant regarding the possibility of making a new studio. Moore said it is possible to have radio station in addition to Channel 2. Barry Lunderville is working with the new assistant principal.

Dorsett said that McNamara wanted to provide an update of the accomplishments the department has done so far. McNamara said School St. is in progress right now. Hill St. construction will start in about a month. Cyr road had been completed for road upgrades. We were able to strike a good deal with the contractor. They also completed work on Farr Hill Road. Farr Hill Road was expensive to do because the road is so long. We did the same thing on Birch Croft. This road was deplorable. There was so much water it was expensive to put underdrains in there. The new salt shed is 96 to 95% completed and is under budget.

One of the other projects that has not started yet is on West Main St. and Main St. Everyone is walking in the street because the sidewalk is so bad. We hired an asphalt contractor to grind the sidewalks down and put new asphalt down. George we had funds available due to the winter. They did some paving at the highway garage. At this time we have an accurate budget. We have been raising a number of sewer drains. The state is going to come in and do a pave over on August 1st. Road side mowing just stared today. People need to be aware of this and be cautious. The other thing we are very involved in is we purchased a sewer camera in an effort to apply for rural development grant money. We did a lot of camera work. We are trying to project where we will be three to five years. We do equipment maintenance each year. The dump truck had a roll over this winter d and we just got it back last week. McNamara said this would be his last meeting since he will be leaving at the end of the month. The board thanked him for his service to the Town.

Other Business:
North Country Council Representative Vacancy
Dorsett said they want to let us know that we can have two representatives on the council. At the moment we only have one representative, Bruce Ralston. Hennessey said we should advertise the position. It would be in our best interest to have a second representative. There is a once a month meeting and the member should be a resident of New Hampshire.

Section of High Street between Church & Maple Street Road Closure Request – July 30th from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Tiffany Howard is a resident of the street and is making the request. Chief Smith said he had no objections with it. It is easy to get around. It is not uncommon to have block parties there. Sweet made the motion to approve the street closure. Hennessey seconded the motion. Noyes asked that the person be asked to provide proof of event insurance. Bratz asked if there were a series of these types of events. Noyes said she has not been involved in this. Sweet said they should show proof of insurance to the town manager. The motion passed 3-0.

Old Business:
Bratz wanted to bring up a thing from three or four weeks ago. The state DOT are planning on closing down the stop lights at two intersections. At the end of the letter they sent they said someone from the DOT could come here and talk to us about this. They are looking at closing down the lights between Chiswick and Union Streets. They did a study and they say there is no longer the volume of traffic there used to be. McNamara said they have been trying to get in touch with the right person at the DOT. McNamara said they have been in touch with district one. We are hoping to not get it shut down. Chief Smith said he would like to meet with them to find out what their reason is. Smith said if they remove the infrastructure and we have a large business move in we would need it again. McNamara said one of the things he has been trying to get the state to do is maintain the crosswalks near the opera house. The DOT said they should be able to get to Littleton before the end of the summer. Bratz asked if the green that is painted on Maine Street could also be done in front of the church since there is a lot of traffic there. McNamara said he would look into it.

New Business:
Karen Noyes (Finance Director) – Six Month Finance Update
Noyes provided the board with a comprehensive report as to where the budget stands as of the end of June.

Deputy Zoning Officer Appointment
Dorsett said the town attorney recommended they appoint a deputy zoning officer. The previous Town Manager was the zoning officer before the current officer was appointed. Sweet moved to appoint Andrew Dorsett. Hennessey seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.

Board of Assessors:
Deborah L. Otis, 20 Cross St., Tax Map 79/69, Tax Year 2015, Abatement for $149.25. Hennessey made the motion to approve the abatement in the amount of $149.25. Sweet seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.

Ronald & Kathleen Stanley, 36 Maciver Rd., Tax Map 93/21, Tax Year 2015, Abatement for $44.31. Sweet made the motion to approve the abatement in the amount of $44.31. Hennessey seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.

Troop 209 Boy Scouts of America, 911 Broomstick Hill Rd., Tax Map 34/20, Tax Year 2015, Abatement for $1,196.55. Sweet made the motion to approve the abatement in the amount of $1,196.55. Hennessey seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.

Ricardo & Charlotte De Jesus, 324 Hilltop Rd., Tax Map 44/5, Tax Year 2015, Abatement for $431.42. Hennessey made the motion to approve the abatement in the amount of $431.42. Sweet seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.

Pensco Trust Co., FBO, 160 Cottage St., Tax Map 85/45, Tax Year 2015, Abatement for Abatement for $1,100.70. Sweet made the motion to approve the abatement in the amount of $1,100.70. Hennessey seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0.

Public Comments: None

Board Action: None

Approve the Following Minutes:
June 13, 2016: Hennessey made the motion to approve the minutes. Sweet seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0. Sweet made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Hennessey seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0. The meeting adjourned at 6:14 PM.