Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Jul 9, 2018

Board of Selectmen Minutes - July 9, 2018


MONDAY, JULY 9, 2018
5:00 PM


Present:  Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Schuyler Sweet, Vice Chairman Franco Ross, Selectperson Carrie Gendreau, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings


Others Present: Chief Paul Smith (Littleton PD), Ralph Hodgman, Kathy Doriski


Sweet called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.


Pledge of Allegiance


Sweet stated those present had been discussing the fatal accident that occurred this morning and asked the Chief if he had any details he could share.  Smith said he could not provide many details as they had allowed the State Police to take over the investigation because it was a double fatal accident.  Smith went on to say that they don’t have all of the answers that people want.  There are no witnesses to speak to as all of the people involved are either deceased or hospitalized.  A reconstruction team was on sight of the crash fairly early.  They are still trying to put all of the pieces together to determine the cause of the accident.  There are a lot of different factors involved and it was quite horrific.  I thoughts are with the families of the victims.  It is tragic and we are left speechless. 


Appointments:  None


Town Manager’s Report:
Dorsett said Sub 5, the Sewer Project has been put out to bid.  We received one bid that was significantly over budget.  Another issue that we ran into is that the NH Department of Transportation requires that we do a full hydraulic study before and after the project to review the impact of twelve private sub-pumps.  The Town is required to pay for the cost of this and is something we did not include in the budget.  The other alternative they presented to us was that the Town could take ownership of the entire storm drain system.  This would be a pretty significant liability to the Town.  We amended the timeframe of the project. 


We are still on schedule with the Master Plan Project.  The bids are due on the tenth of the month.  The Planning Board will review the bids and decide on a contractor.  Sweet asked if the Planning Board makes the decision or just a recommendation.  Dorsett thought they would make a recommendation.  Rossi asked if the bids came in digital format.  Dorsett said they had to come by mail and sealed so that no one could open them prior to the required date.  Rossi said he would not be able to attend the July 17th Planning Board Meeting. 


Dorsett said the Foster Hill Project is moving and underway.  Sweet said the second layer of topcoat was a hundred yards short of getting done.  Dorsett went on to say the Littleton Bike and Pedestrian Plan has been accepted by the DOT.  The Planning Board will also review it for acceptance.  They are also going to decide whether or not to make it a piece of the Master Plan.  Mill Street Pedestrian Plan, we have met with North Country Council for assistance, some business owners and Main Street Inc. to discuss doing something similar to what we did last year.  There were some repairs to the Remich Park pool and building. The pool is still in rough shape and is constantly leaking water.  It is something we are going to have to look at as part of a capital improvement plan.  Rossi asked how much water they are losing.  Dorsett said he thinks they have to keep the water constantly on to keep it at the correct level.  Sweet said it sounds like a serious issue.  Dorsett said they delayed opening the pool to help with the cost of the water.  Sweet said the Water & Light Department received a letter from DES stating there was a drought situation in the State.  Rossi asked if anyone had put together the cost of what this is costing.  Dorsett said the cost is not so high to consider closing the pool. 


Dorsett said they are working on receiving quotes for a new phone system with a zero cost to the Town.  The current system is antiquated with no caller ID or other important functions. 


Main Street Phase 2.  Dorsett went onto say that we have been denied several times for the TIGER Grant.  The State has let us know we have a high rating and that the TIGER Grant has been replaced with a new grant with funding of up to three million dollars.  We are currently working on an application and getting letters of support.  Dorsett said they are now moving into the construction phase of the Saranac Street Project.  The Rail Trail abandonment project started with difficulty in finding someone certified to submit the abandonment application to the feds.  The DOT has agreed to submit the application on the Town’s behalf. 


Dorsett said they had a Lateral Asset Management Project for our Clean Water Revolving Fund.  Under our Sub 5 Sewer Project we were able to we were able to amend our revolving loan fund and they gave us a grant for a mapping project for manholes, storm drains and sewer maintenance.  We are going to be putting that into our GSI Software. 


The Littleton Cultural Arts Commission has been very active and they are working on their mission. The NH Natural and Cultural Resources will be visiting the Town this week.    


Old Business: 
Exterior Town Bulletin Board
Sweet said that Rudy Gelsi has asked for the Town to consider installing an outside bulletin board for the public to be aware of meetings going on in Town.  The Town looked into it and received permission from the Bank of New Hampshire to install an outside bulletin board on the Main Street side of the building. 


New Business:
Budget Preparation Schedule
Sweet said the board has the option to approve, reject or edit this document.  Gendreau made the motion to accept the policy.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Rossi said he has not read the entire policy.  Sweet said a lot of the policy is dictated by the RSA’s as to the timing and what the board has to do.  Sweet said they are moving up the time frame of the budget process so that we don’t repeat last year’s struggle and constant changes after the first of the year.  We are also addressing the nonprofit warrant articles because in the past the budget committee and the board have not taken action on some or all of the petitioned warrant articles because of the lack of information.  There is a form these agencies that are required to complete that asked a lot about their finances.  The form is exactly the same form that Grafton County uses.  Upon review of the application, the Budget Committee and the Select Board will be able to decide to endorse or not the requests.  It will not prevent them from asking for money.  Sweet said the other thing he did not mention, was that the Select Board did not get involved in the budget until late in the process.  The new schedule involves them earlier in the process.  Rossi asked when the board would be involved.  Sweet said before it goes to the budget committee instead of after.  After reviewing the timeline Rossi said the goal would be between October 1st and October 15th the board would have reviewed the proposed budget with ample time to discuss it with the Town Manager.  The budget committee would have until December 15th to vote on the proposed budget.  After a brief discussion Sweet asked for a vote.  The motion to approve the Budget Preparation Schedule passed 3-0.

Mount Washington Regional Airport Commission Appointment - Dayton Goudie

Sweet stated that Dave Ernsberger submitted his letter of resignation.  Dayton Goudie submitted his letter of interest in being appointed.  Gendreau made the motion to accept Dave Ernsberger’s resignation.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  Rossi made the motion to appoint Dayton Goudie to the Mount Washington Regional Airport Commission.  Gendreau seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.


Board of Assessors:  None


Public Comments:
Ralph Hodgman had a quick question on the leakage of the pool.  Where is the water going?  Sweet said he believes it is being absorbed into the ground.  Hodgman asked when the nonprofits have to have their forms in and is there a deadline.  Dorsett explained the agencies have until the second Tuesday of January to submit their petitioned warrant articles.  The finance form has a due date during the month of October. Hodgman then asked if the agencies were going to be aware of this.  He was advised by Dorsett they will all be receiving a letter and the application by mail. 


Board Action:  None


Approve the following minutes:

 May 14, 2018  

 May 21, 2018

Rossi made the motion to approve the May 14th minutes as written.  Gendreau seconded the motion.

Gendreau found an error on the last page that should be looked at regarding the appointment of Schuyler as a Water & Light Commissioner comment made by Joe DePalma.  The board voted unanimously to accept the minutes as amended. 


Gendreau made the motion to approve the minutes of May 21st as written.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0. 


 The meeting adjourned 5:48 PM.