Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Dec 28, 2017

Board of Selectmen Minutes - December 28, 2017

9:00 AM



Present:  Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Schuyler Sweet, V. Chairman Franco Rossi,
Selectman Milton Bratz, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings


Others Present:  Ralph Hodgman, Rudy Gelsi, Chad Fillion (Channel 2), Joe DePalma, Chief Paul Smith,
Chief Joe Mercieri, Karen Noyes Cathy Conway

Sweet called the public hearing to order at 9:00 AM
Public Hearing:  Betterment Assessment
Sweet announced the road improvements are now complete.  Sweet said the hearing would remain open in the event
anyone had any questions for thirty minutes.  Bratz said he went back and found the minutes of August 8th 2016 which
was the second public hearing we held. Bratz asked why one of the abutters was not listed as having to pay anything. 
Dorsett said the parcel is inaccessible from the road.

Sweet said they needed to close this hearing and follow up on the required motion.
Bratz made the motion to lay out as a Class V public highway the following described roadway, Ledgeway Road,
1384 in length and SO feet wide as described by Plan #022, Pocket 4, Folder 3 filed with the return. Subject to
betterment assessments, pursuant to RSA 231:28; public convenience and necessity support the layout of this
roadway as a Class V public highway because six residences are served by the road, and the cost to the
Town of Littleton in the amount of $53,499.74 will be reasonable in light of the betterment assessments,
the details of which are set forth in the attached schedule.
  The repayment schedule is assessed to each
of the six landowners with payments in the amount
of $891.57 to be allocated over time over a ten year period.
Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  The public hearing adjourned at 9:30 AM.





9:00 AM




Notice is hereby given that the Littleton Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing at the Littleton Town Office Conference Room on Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 9:00 AM concerning the final layout of Ledgeway Road as a public highway subject to betterment assessments pursuant to RSA 231 :28.  Construction of improvements is now complete, in accord with prior hearings and decisions by the Board.  Ledgeway Road runs in a generally west direction from Slate Ledge Road, with the highway's boundaries being shown on a plan entitled [Pocket 4, Folder 3, #022], which is available for review at the Town Office.


Sweet called the second public hearing to order at 9:15 AM

Public Hearing:  CDBG Progress Report

  Dorsett read the following update:

Community Development Block Grant funds are available to municipalities through the NH Community Development Finance Authority. Up to $500,000 annually is available for economic development projects, up to $500,000 for public facility and housing projects, up to $350,000 in emergency activities and up to $12,000 is available per each planning grants. All projects must primarily benefit low and moderate income persons. During a CDBG project, a progress update public hearing is required.

The public hearing will update the public on, and take public comment on, the progress of the CDBG Project that funded the purchase of manufacturing equipment, and training on that equipment, at the Hugh J. Gallen Career & Technical Center, 140 High Street in Littleton. Multiple training programs have occurred, another will be held in Spring 2018.


In 2015, a CDBG grant of $169,000 was awarded by the NH Community Development Finance Authority to the Town of Littleton, for the purpose of providing CNC machine training to help meet local manufacturers' needs for skilled workers. $150,000 of these funds was sub-granted to Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC) for the purchase of equipment and implementation of training programs.


NCIC purchased a Haas CNC Tool Room Lathe, and a Haas CNC Tool room Mill which were delivered to the Hugh J Gallen Career & Technical Center (the "Training Center") (a program of the SAU84 Littleton School District I Littleton High School), on November 4, 2015. Onsite training for Training Center staff/trainers was completed in January, 2016.


Beginning with the Spring 2016 Semester and running through the Fall 2017 Semester,  Introduction to Technical Manufacturing courses have been conducted at the Training Center by the Littleton High School and by White Mountains Community College (WMCC). A total of 53 students have received training, approximately 60% of whom had household incomes at or below 80% of Area Median Income.


The success of the Introductory training courses, and the need for a more highly skilled labor force, led to a Memorandum of Understanding between NCIC and WMCC in September, 2017 which provided for WMCC to explore the feasibility of developing an Advanced Technical Manufacturing program. WMCC hired an Advanced Manufacturing Program Coordinator who, working with Training Center staff and local manufacturing businesses, designed an Advanced Technical Manufacturing course which will be offered at the Training Center by WMCC beginning with the Spring 2018 Semester.


Additional tooling and equipment needed to support and supplement the training program, including a benchtop milling machine, has been ordered and will be delivered to the Training Center within the next few weeks.

Throughout the grant period, NCIC, the Training Center and WMCC have collaborated with an advisory committee comprised of representatives from local manufacturers.  The advisory committee has provided insight and input on equipment purchases, curriculum and program direction.


Sweet asked if the public had any comments or questions.  Rudy Gelsi asked if they were asking for more funds in 2018.  The Town is not asking for any funds in 2018.  Ralph Hodgman asked if the 53 students that participated in the program are currently employed.  Cathy Conway said she did not have the answer at this time.  Hodgman said they completed the program.  The goal of this program is to put people to work locally. Franco Rossi asked what the reasoning was to sub-grant the money. Cathy Conway said the idea was to have the equipment owned by a nonprofit.  There was a conversation between the high school and the businesses on how to get the employees they need. Karen Noyes said she thinks it’s good there is a program like this.  There are students that do not want to go to college.  This gives them skills they might not have been able to get otherwise. Hodgman said he thinks it is a great program, he would just like to see the results.  Rudy asked who sponsored the program. Sweet said it was sponsored through the federal government via the state.  Gelsi had more questions regarding the amount of grant money the Town can apply for each year.  Cathy Conway and Andrew Dorsett explained the different kinds of granting sources and how they can be applied for.  Bratz said the history of this Town is based on multiple funding sources being applied for.  Bratz gave the Main Street reconstruction as an example of how the grant money helped make necessary improvements.  Bratz said a lot of Town’s that don’t have a lot of money rely heavily on state and federal grants. 


Sweet closed the public hearing at 9:45 AM.


Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant Application

Cathy Conway said the Town is looking to apply for $200,000 from the Land and Water Conservation Fund for the purpose of creating a Health Park over on the other side of the river on property currently owned by Ron Murro.  Cathy provided a sketch of what is looking to be done on the property.  There would be a wellness park with some outdoor equipment.  There will also be a pavilion area that can be used as a skating rink in the winter time and a farmers market in the summertime.  There would also be community gardens.  It would be connected to the existing River Walk Path.  It also has the potential to be connected to the future rail trail.  We submitted a letter of intent and were invited to submit a full application.  One of the things of note on this particular application, is that if the funds are provided, the money for the property that is developed remain in outdoor recreation use forever.  This is an important consideration.  They call it a CFC6FC Program.  It is part of the federal water conservation program. The purpose of today’s meeting is to answer any questions you may have about the program.  The other purpose is to authorize the Town Manager to submit the application.  It is a state program run out of the cultural resources program but the funding is from federal sources. 


Sweet asked if there were any questions regarding the grant application.  Ralph Hodgman asked if this grant application what the cost to the Town would be for this project.  Dorsett said they are using funds from existing projects.  This is a fifty/fifty match grant.  This project connects with projects that are already in process.  Such as the rail trail and the TAP program.  It also includes a private donation for the park which is for about $75,000.  Bratz asked Dorsett if what he is saying is some of the money that is already being spent on other projects can be used to offset the match.  Dorsett said that was correct.  Bratz asked if that added up to $200,000.  Bratz asked how much new money would be asked for.  Dorsett said there would be no new money.  Cathy provided the current grants related to this project.  Ralph Hodgman said the total project is $400,000 and it includes the parking lot and all of the equipment and other things.  Cathy said that at this point, we are still working with the engineer to get the final costs.  We may not build the community gardens depending on what the cost looks like.  All we are going to spend is $200,000 but she can’t tell them how far that will go because we do not have the final estimate.  Bratz said it would be a basis for future development going forward.  Franco asked if the application commits them to anything.  Cathy said you are only authorizing the Town Manager to submit the application at this time.  Jason Roschak said the river district is prone to erosion.  Is there a plan to prevent that?  Cathy said there is a storm retention pond included in the plan.  Ralph Hodgmanasked if there would be parking for tour busses so they wouldn’t have to park on Main Street.  Dorsett said there has been talk about that. 


Bratz made the motion that the Littleton Board of Selectmen direct the Town Manager Andrew Dorsett submit an application to the Land and Water Conservation Fund for $200,000.  Furthermore to authorize Town Manager Andrew Dorsett to accept the LWCF Grant and to sign all documents related to the grant.  Rossi seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0.


EMS Commission Appointments

Andrew Dorsett stated Chief Mercieri and Chad Miller created a list of members they would like to be appointed.

The list is as follows:  Dr. Edward Duffy, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer of Littleton Regional Healthcare

Georgene Novak, Executive Director Riverglen House

Timothy Muldoon, Firefighter/AEMT & AFSCME Local 1348 President Town of Littleton Fire Rescue

Reverend Curtis Metzger, Rector All Saints’ Episcopal Church
Rick Ball Sargent Town of Littleton Police Department
Andrew Dorsett Town Manager, Town of Littleton (Or Designee)

Bill Latulip, Call Fire Fighter

Dr. John Spicer, Family Practice MD

Ex-Officio Members, Allan Clark, Sugar Hill FD, Ned Cutler Easton Selectboard.


Bratz made the motion to approve the list of appointees.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.


Review and Approve 2017 Encumbrances

K. Noyes presented the board with the list of following encumbrances she was requesting the board to approve:

CAI Tech                  $15,000.00        Phase V mapping not finished.

SNS                         $14,210.14        Balance of computer server replacement lease

Police Dept.             $  2,000.00        Wage Increase

Police Dept.             $  6,799.00        Mobile Radio Replacement
Fire Dept.                  $58,000.00       PO for Compressor

Highway                  $45,000.00        Partridge Lake Drainage Issues

Warrant Articles                  

Opera House            $15,000.00        Rigging

ECC Improvements  $44,200.00        Opera House Energy

2017                         $100,000.00      Road Work

2015                         $111,032.00      Dells Dam

2014                         $  86,370.00      SRTS Grant Match

Total Encumbrances


Other Encumbrances

                                $ 60,000.00       Sewer Engineering & Design

                                $ 60,000.00       Sewer Ongoing

Total All Encumbrances


Bratz made the motion to approve the encumbrances for $447,611.14.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.


Review of Proposed Warrant Articles

Sweet said he thought this was beyond the warrant articles.  We haven’t as a board talked about the budget.  Sweet suggested they start with the budget.  Dorsett asked when the budget had to be approved.  Noyes said the budget has to be approved by January 11th.  Stubbings said they have a work session scheduled for January 11th.  Bratz said he would prefer to go through the budget by line item. Bratz said they have not heard from the budget committee and they should before they approve a budget.  Dorsett said last year the budget committee gave advice to try and keep it down to 3%.  The budget we presented was under 3% but they still found other places they wanted us to adjust.  The board reviewed the budget with the understanding they would not be receiving the most up to date budget until January 2nd


The board then reviewed the draft warrant articles.  Dorsett provided an explanation on article stating the bond will provide a 12% loan forgiveness and add the funds to the sewer project.  It is just and add on to sub five project making it cheaper for the tax payer.  The board reviewed and discussed each potential 2018 warrant articles.  Rossi made the motion to adjourn.  Bratz seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  The motion adjourned at 11:48 AM.