Committee Meetings

May 14, 2018

Parks & Recreation Committee Minutes - May 14-2018


OF 14 MAY 2018


  • Summer Programming was the first item of discussion. 

An outstanding job on Program Activities projection to include Tennis, Soccer, Field Hockey, a Summer Program, Drama, and perhaps Hiking, will progress to finalization.


Jeff made a motion with Blake seconding, to move into a Closed Session at 6:17pm.  Blake made a motion with Jeff seconding, to return to Open Session

at 6:50pm.


  • Updates on Softball were discussed.

Some of the AVS donation was still remaining.  Programs with donated money over $8,000.00  could help with fertilizing the field, ~$1,000.00, and another portion could help with a free clinic for PSU softball in late June/July.


  • Next discussion:  Fourth of July at Remich Park.

Fireworks would be displayed on 3 July.  Fundraising ideas are needed and also help with gaining support from local businesses. A Breweries’ Garden was suggested and also the need for an events map.


  • Fundraising ideas are needed for planning concerts in the park.

Banners could be a colorful addition.


  • Green-Up Day was an amazing success!

548# of trash was collected with 177# from Littleton Coin Company.


  • The need for a truck was discussed.

A Chevy would be preferable using a local dealer with a price < $45,000. Quotes were itemized as follows:  1) a Dodge Ram POS $43,999 with an F350; 2) a Chevy POS $44,487 with F350; and 3) a Ford POS $44,449 with F350.  A vote was taken for use of Park Commissioner’s Funds for purchase.


Jeff made a motion which was seconded by Blake, to purchase a truck, provided warranty information is factual; and, that the purchase amount should be taken from our Commissioners’ Fund. The search will be for a better or comparable warranty.


  • Voting for a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary:  this to be delayed until the Bylaws are reviewed.  Chris will email copies for review.


  • Changing policies:  Primex/Local Police Department.  Background check almost complete


  • Will be using QuickBooks for payment accounting.  The cost is $35/month.

Will no longer use PayPal.  Credit Cards will be processed with a convenience fee to participants.  There is no charge for checks or cash.


  • Building & Land updates:  none mentioned; stalled due to land and other grant opportunities.


  • Insurance Company Communications will reference Fourth of July Activities.


  •  Mt. Eustis Information invited Chris to be on the Board.


Meeting was adjourned at __________.   Next meeting will be on 7 June.