Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

May 14, 2018

Town-School Work Session Minutes May 14-2018

LITTLETON BOARD OF EDUCATION                                               DATE:  May 14, 2018

SAU 84 Conference Room                                                               TIME:  10:00 a.m.

65 Maple Street, Littleton NH 03561



School Board/Town Work Session Minutes



Present:   Ann Wiggett (Board Chair); Kim Woodson (Board Vice-Chair); Steve Nilhas (Superintendent); Tom Mangels (Business Administrator); Schuyler Sweet (Selectman); Andrew Dorsett (Town Manager); Karen Noyes (Finance Department-Town); Channel 2; Patti Drapeau (School Board Secretary)


  1. Call to Order – Ann Wiggett - at 10:00 a.m.


  1. School and Town Financial Topics
    • Current Budget Status -

Andrew stated that the town should be at 34.6% and we are at 34.5%.  We’re a tad shy on income but right on in expenses.  Great job to Karen Noyes.  Tom stated that on our March report our expenditures $91,000 less than the same point last year; of course, our budget was $300,000 less than last year, but we certainly are using everything that is there.  Our biggest problems this year is the increase in special education tuitions.  We budgeted $230,000 and so far we’re at $380,000; it’s an area that you really cannot predict. Steve stated that there is $150,000 in capital reserve that would help if we get into a bind, we do get questioned about the money in reserve but that is one reason that we maintain those funds.  In next years budget, we have kept the numbers pretty even with this year's budget and we’ll see what happens with placements.  Tom stated that at this point revenue looks to be about where it should be and with the balance of the expenses getting us through to the end of the year; I don’t think we’re going to have an awful lot left.


    • Contracts that will go to Warrant Articles –

Schuyler stated that the town has two labor contracts coming up, one for police and one for fire, public works and transfer station (combined). Ann said that the school district would have the teacher’s contract.


    • Other Possible Warrant Articles –

Ann stated that she is really pushing for a warrant article for Lakeway.  The building needs to be replaced; it has several deficiencies, electrical, hvac, roofs, second floor, traffic, parking, water issues, etc.  It was built in 1950, and the person that we have consulted with states that it is functionally obsolescence.   We’re still waiting for the final report from Warrenstreet Architects.  Steve stated that after Warrenstreet conducted a study as to what it would cost to fix Lakeway; the cost now exceeds what the town's cost would have been in 2008-09 to build a new Lakeway.  We will be updating our applications with the state in case state aid becomes available again.

Schuyler asked if the town had any anticipated major warrant articles.  Andrew stated that it was too early to tell; maybe a few things but work could be done to see if other funds would be available such as grant funds.  Schuyler stated that it would be nice if we didn’t have something competing with the school.


    • Fuel Bids –

Karen Noyes stated that she needs to know how much the school district will need and she can start getting estimates for both the town and schools.  Tom stated that an advantage of combining town and school is that by using our volume; it helps the town’s price.


    • Snow Plowing –

Andrew stated that snow plowing is something that we could start talking about; there was some billing issues in the past but I’m sure we can work something out so that it works for school and town.  We will get some solid cost numbers.  Discussion ensued; Andrew also stated there was an agreement in place and has been for a while where the town uses Lakeway for the summer program and fields it would be nice to get an understanding in place.


    • Tax Rate –

Discussion regarding the tax rate; it is very difficult to know at this point.  We’ve seen activity in town and we’ve been watching for a while the sales ratio and assessments.  The sales of residential and commercial properties are coming in so much higher that it’s throwing off our valuation.  We are doing a statistical revaluation this year instead of waiting until 2020 and that will likely have an impact on the tax rate. 


 III.            Non-Public – none


 IV.            Adjournment


Motion Woodson/Sweet to adjourn at 10:30 a.m.




Respectfully submitted,


Patricia Drapeau

School Board Secretary


School Board Approved 5/21/2018