Committee Meetings

Feb 14, 2018

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - February 14, 2018

                                  MEETING OF 14 FEBRUARY 2018

Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Bill Gendreau


Administrative Matters:


The minutes of the January 2017 meeting were approved.


Opera House Project


            No change since last month; still scheduled for March.


Goals for 2018


            Members present reviewed prospective projects, including:


  • Aspiration goals for the Town (Ron will find examples)
  • Research window a/c replacements, e.g., wall-mounted heat pumps (Peter)
  • Develop a video on energy efficiency (Bob)
  • Participate in ARET energy fair (all)
  • Revise Opera House check list (Peter)
  • Analysis of old v. new highway garage (Peter)
  • Determine fair shares for energy pellets (Peter)
  • Follows developments with Parks & Recreation (Peter) and River District (Ron)
  • Energy Management Report (Ron)
  • Work with School District on various projects (all)


Other Business


  • The Littleton Courier published an article on the subject of cost savings from

2015 to 2017. Ron will resubmit Bob’s series of articles.

  • Ron will check on status of any school project.
  • The ARET Energy Fair is scheduled for 7 April and they would like the ECC to have an information booth of some type.
  • Peter will attend an EE Value Chain Network workshop on 20 March.
  • Peter will draft a ‘close out’ email to Froling Energy.


Next meeting: Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 10:30 AM, at the Community Center


Ron Bolt, Secretary