Committee Meetings

Mar 1, 2018

Opera House Commission Minutes - March 1, 2018

Littleton Opera House Commission


March 1, 2018

Manager’s Office



Richard Alberini (Commissioner), George Mitchell (Commissioner),

Dan Stearns (Commissioner), Don Merrill (Alternate), Sue Pilotte (Opera House Manager)


Meeting called to order: 5:00 pm


Secretary Report:

Read from February 1 meeting and approved.


Manager’s Report (Sue Pilotte)

  1. Bookings: The venues are booked through May with activities. Sue told of a person who would like to book the main venue (hall) for 6 months, fourth Saturday of each month, for contra dance. This would be September 2018 through April 2019. Sue Pilotte felt that the individual is looking for a reduced rate rather than pay the $300 scheduled fee. The organization is not a 501c organization, therefore the nonprofit rate would not be applicable. The group decided that a reduced fee would be offered for a total of $1600 rather than $1800. This fee would be paid up front in full. Sue Pilotte will contact the person with the information.
  2. Income: From January 2018 to the present (March 1), the income shows $10549. Sue gave a bit of a breakdown (Swing Dance = $1900, Donations =$3350,            Rent =$5299). Sue Pilotte said that she will resume mailing letters for donations.
  3. 3.   Friends of Opera House: Dick Alberini will speak about the organization on WLTN Radio during his history show to promote the idea and to encourage people to join the group.
  4. 4.   Upcoming Events:
    1. a.     Indoor Flea Market (April 7, 9am-3pm).

                                         i.    Generate income for the Opera House

                                       ii.    Rent per table = $20.00

                                     iii.    No clothing or electronics.

                                     iv.    Dick Alberini will promote at the Tuesday radio shows on WLTN

  1. b.   After action report on dance

                                         i.    Publicity was very good. Will explore more ways.

                                       ii.    The Opera House is the only ones to sell tickets. Not to be put out to other places in town for sale.

                                     iii.    Discussion on using credit/debit cards to sell tickets. The “square.”


          Karen could not attend.  See Sue Pilotte’s report.


Old Business:

  1. 1.   Future of Commission – decided to wait until after the Town Meeting and find out what the select board has in mind. We will continue to operate as usual until there is a change in status.
  2. 2.   Rigging
    1. a.    George is in charge of this activity.
    2. b.   He contacted Tyrin Associates and they now have the plans.
    3. c.    Sue wants to see all communications on the Opera House e-mail and letter head to keep track of the activity.
    4. d.   Waiting to hear from structural engineers.
    5. e.    Dick Alberini researched and distributed a listing of all structural engineers in the state of NH several weeks ago.
    6. 3.   Steam Punk Activity
      1. a.    Date – October 6 at the Opera House
      2. b.   Dick has contacted 30+ individuals and has heard back from 6 who will definitely be here.
      3. c.    Rental for booth space is $50. All proceeds will be distributed between the Opera House and the Historical Museum.
      4. d.   More to come
      5. 4.   Entertainment ideas:
        1. a.    George heard of a group, The Coney Island Freak Show.
        2. b.   George also mentioned a NH promoter, Jim Roach. Mr. Roach provides groups for entertainment. They take care of most of everything. Tickets are sold at $35 p/p. $10 goes to the Opera House. Little effort on Opera House.
        3. c.    Sue spoke with someone from Recycled Percussion. George did too. The group is willing to come back to the Opera House for a performance.
        4. 5.   Risers
          1. a.    Stored in Cottage Street level, temporarily.
          2. b.   From the convent. Sr. Monique said that they could be sold to the town.
          3. c.    George was consulted:

                                         i.    New = $2K

                                       ii.    If we bought them, we should offer $300/$400 due to their age and condition.

                                     iii.    They don’t have safety railings on the sides of the back

                                     iv.    Can hold 50 performers.

  1. d.   Dan Stearns asked about borrowing the risers from LHS. Discussion followed that Sue feel that she has a good relationship with the school and that we could use them if needed. She will check. There’s also a price to pay LHS custodians to move them to the opera house and back to the school (George).
  2. e.    The group decided not to purchase them and to return them to the convent.
  3. 6.   Black Stage Curtains
    1. a.    Replacing the gold curtains.
    2. b.   Sewn by Upstage players. Meets UL standards for fire retardant.
    3. c.    The question remains “Does Upstage Players want to be paid for the curtains?”

                                         i.    George wants upstage to come up with a price. Still don’t know price.

                                       ii.    If the town pays for the curtains, they remain in the venue if Upstage should move to another venue.

                                     iii.    George also mentioned that there’s talk of making a traveler for the center of the stage. More on that at later meeting.

  1. 7.   New Stage Lighting
    1. a.    Been on commissioners wish list for at least 5 years.
    2. b.   George said that there had been a grant written by the town for new LED lighting. Awaiting results.
    3. c.    Dan Stearns brought up the footlights which have been part of our discussions for a number of years. More research needed.
    4. 8.   Improved Sound System
      1. a.    The current sound system, according to George, is satisfactory.
      2. b.   Upstage is looking into a grant to replace the entire system.
      3. c.    If/when they leave, the system would go with them.
      4. 9.   Acoustic Shell
        1. a.    Can be fabricated by us.
        2. b.   Would open possibility of having choral groups from colleges .

New Business;

  1. Sue Pilotte announced that the insurance adjustor is coming around to inspect the building.



Meeting adjourned: 6:05pm


Next meeting: April 5th @ 5:00pm. Location: Manager’s office. First Thursday of the month.