Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Sep 28, 2015

Public Hearing Unanticipated Funds Minutes Sep 28, 2015

4:30 PM

Present: Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Marghie Seymour, V. Chairman Milton T. Bratz, Selectman Schuyler Sweet, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings

Others Present: Dann, Rudy Gelsi, Chief Joe Mercieri (Littleton FD), Darin Wipperman (The Courier), Rachel Dorisky (Channel 2), Katherine Dorisky

Seymour called the public hearing to order at 4:51 PM as prescribed by RSA 31:95-b, Section III, and RSA 91A: 2 to discuss the acceptance and expenditure of unanticipated money from the State, Federal or other governmental unit or private sources by the Selectmen.

The source of income is from funds awarded/donated by the USDA Rural Development Grant Program in the amount of $30,000 to provide funds for a Preliminary Engineering Report and Environmental Report to evaluate the wastewater collection system in subarea 5 as identified in the Woodard Curran reports. Total cost of the project is $43,700 with $30,000 coming from the USDA Rural Development Grant. The total cost to the Town will be in the amount of $13,700.

Seymour asked if there were any questions or comments from the public. There being none Seymour said she would keep the hearing open for some time. Bratz said this goes back to a report the Town received in 2012. There was an entire study done on our sewer pipe system. There were areas in serious need of repair at the intersection of Cottage Street and Union Street. The infiltration issue is when storm water gets into the sewer pipes. Woodard & Curran had submitted a report to us that was quite thick. They were supposed to submit robots into the system with cameras to identify where the issues are. They never got back to us or performed the camera study. Bratz said they ultimately went with Dufresne Group who is engineering firm out of St. Johnsbury. The grant money will also allow for the study to incorporate West Main Street where we have serious infiltration. Seymour said they have two water collection systems, one is to collect sewer and waste water. The other is to collect storm water runoff. We have done our best to keep the lines separated but there are still some lines that have not been separated. Bratz said that when they rebuilt Main Street they uncovered pipes they did not know were there. Rudy Gelsi asked if this project will be pushed over to the next administration. Bratz said that this will be an ongoing infrastructure project. Sweet said this money is for the engineering report and then they will follow with construction. Sweet made the motion to accept the USDA Rural Development Grant in the amount of $30,000. Bratz seconded the motion. The motion passed 3-0. Seymour closed the public hearing at 5:00 PM.