Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Dec 27, 2016

BOS Meeting & Work Session - December 27, 2016

5:00 PM
Present:  Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Milton T. Bratz, V. Chairman Schuyler Sweet, Selectman Edward Hennessey, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings
Others Present:  Karen Noyes (Finance Director), Rudy Gelsi, Carrie Gendreau, Chief Paul Smith (Littleton PD), Chad Fillion (Channel 2)
Bratz called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM
Noyes reviewed the list of 2016 outstanding financial expenditure items that needed to be encumbered into 2017.  The first item is for the Mapping Project that is still ongoing. She is asking for the balance of $18,700 to be encumbered.  In the PD she is asking for record storage system.  Ed Hennessey asked Noyes if everything on the list was included in the 2016 budget.  Noyes said that part of it was in or some form of it was in the budget.  Noyes said they are looking for a record storage system and they are asking that $20,000 be set aside.  Noyes said it might be coming in less than what we have estimated here.  Ed asked if any of the items were new.  Noyes said the records system had been talked about.  Noyes said they talked about having a storage container that had to be setup with lights and an A/C system.  Sweet said it wasn’t budgeted for 2016.  Noyes said she didn’t know if it was taken out of the budget before we had it approved.  Noyes said they talked about it and it was in, she knows they had record retention in the budget.  Ed Hennessey said when you encumber funds you are encumbering funds that are left over.  There should not be any new funds in there.  Noyes said she would have to look to see if there was money in the budget for record storage.  Chief Paul Smith said he was sure there was money in the budget for record storage.  There have been some changes in state statute allow municipalities, specifically police departments to store records as pdf’s.  Schuyler Sweet questioned if they could encumber funds that were not budgeted.  Noyes said she would look to see about the funds being in the budget.  Noyes left at this time and Dorsett stated the chief was working with a couple of contractors for this service and it was hoped they would be able to have a contract in place before the end of this year.  
Bratz said that most of what is on the list are expenses that have not been spent before the end of the year.  Dorsett said that was correct.  Bratz recommended they proceed with the list of items.  The next item is for Opera House repairs to install a kitchen for $5,000.  The next one is for general office improvements for painting etc.  The next item was for the Fire Department Hazard Mitigation Plan for $4,000 to update the plan.  Repairs to a fire truck that had been damaged in an accident for $1,000.  Bratz proceeded down the list of encumbrances as asked for a motion to approve.  Bratz said the total encumbrances including the records storage system that they are waiting for Noyes to find out if this had been in the budget comes to $731,582.  With the other funds encumbered on the list the total comes to $794,582.  Sweet made the motion to approve the list of encumbrances excluding the $20,000 for the records storage system.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  The motion passed 3-0.  
SEA Union Contract Agreement:
Bratz said the three board members have not had a chance to speak about the contract in nonpublic.  They will go into nonpublic session later and then come out of nonpublic to either approve or not approve.
Review of the 2017 Warrant Article List:
Bratz said they were not going to approve the budget because the budget committee hasn’t looked at it yet.  The board reviewed the Warrant Articles as follows:
Article #2:  Sewer Storm Water Roadway Bond 2018.  Bratz said this article is a big deal because it is necessary for the infrastructure that is already behind schedule.  We had a study done about five years ago and have a more recent study being done now.  Dorsett said the article has to do with the storm water and storm water infiltration.  Dorsett provided a comprehensive description of the project on the sewer system that will take place in 2018.  Dorsett the project estimated cost is between $1.8 and $2.0 Million that includes the sewer, the roads and any other improvements that are necessary.  The majority of the funds will be coming from the USDA and the Clean Water State Reserve Fund.  The rest would come from the sewer users and from our paving budget.  Dorsett said he has calculated the Town’s contribution to this project overall would be about $350,000.  Bratz said that in 2012 when he first came on the board, the select board had hired a firm to look at our entire sewer system.  They came up with seven areas they considered priorities.  Bratz said this is a really big deal because this is something we are going to have to spend money on every year.  
Article #4:  Purchase of new police cruiser.  Dorsett said they were on a cycle of a new cruiser a year.  
Chief Smith said they have been off schedule since about 2012.  Smith said they went three years without a new cruiser.  We are hoping to replace the 2009 Ford Expedition.  Right now the vehicle is blue booked at a value of about $6,071.  It will require about $12,000 in repairs to keep it road worthy.  Hennessey moved the motion.  Sweet seconded the motion.  Motion passed 2-1 with the Chairman voting no.  
Article #5:  PD Safety Equipment.  
Sweet made the motion.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.
Article #6:  Highway Department New Light Duty Truck.  Joe DePalma stated they currently use 2008 plow trucks.  Joe said they would like to get back on track of replacing a truck every year.  They have seven trucks.  Sweet made the motion to approve.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  The motion passed 2-1 with the Chairman voting no.
Article #7:  Highway Department Full Time Highway Employee (9 months).  Sweet moved to approve.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Motion passed 2-1 with the Chairman voting no.  
Article #8.  Highway Department Part Time Summer Laborer.  Sweet made the motion to approve.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Motion passed 2-1 with the Chairman voting no.
Article #9.  Road Improvements.  Bratz said he wanted to raise a question regarding this warrant article.  This is a general article for repairs and it lowers the amount each year.  It is a general article for $150,000 not specific for any particular roads.  Bratz said he objects to that.  Over the years that he has been on the board he has come across a number road plans.  Some of the roads on this list are for roads that had been recommended years ago.  He is going to propose Farr Hill instead of this warrant article.  Farr Hill was projected for repair in 2014.  Bratz said that we have roads in Town that are small streets that are ultimately ignored.  Bratz made a stink about Knight Avenue two years ago because it was physically turning to dust.  No one was doing anything about this road but they finally fixed it completely.  The issue here is the projected plans are laid out with only $150,000 is saying that other things on the warrant are more important.  Bratz said he does not think they are.  Bratz said his recommendation is that we complete Farr Hill and Mount Eustis.  Hennessey asked where Mount Eustis needed to be completed.  Bratz said it was reclaiming drainage and gravel.  Bratz said he is simply stating they should develop a plan and complete these roads because they were in pretty bad shape.  Sweet asked Bratz what he would like to do with this article.  Bratz said he would like to remove it and have a directive to have those roads done.  Hennessey said they have funds encumbered for road work.  Bratz said he estimates $306,000 to fix Farr Hill and mount Eustis.  Sweet asked Bratz if he wanted to remove the whole warrant article #9 and ask for a plan to come back.  Bratz said he would rather have it come back with a recommendation.  Sweet stated the budget committee approved this article whole heartedly as is.  Hennessey said he would like to support the budget committee and move to approve the $150,000 for road repairs.  Bratz stated for the record his appeal is that we don’t use the money for just general repairs.  Sweet seconded the motion.  The motion passed 3-0.
Article #10.  Transfer Station Repair/Replacement/Equipment/Buildings.  Noyes said this is their normal warrant article they use every year to use up what they did not spend on repairs and improvements.  It is also to buy bags.  Hennessey made the motion to approve.  Sweet seconded the motion.  Bratz stated there is not tax impact with the article.  The motion passed 3-0.
Article #11.  Transfer Station Baler & Conveyor 3 Year Loan on $100,000.  Noyes said they are looking at taking a three year loan on it.  The one they currently have is at least sixteen years old.  If they get a new baler and conveyor it will speed things up.  It also provides some safety for the employees.  Dorsett stated this is a need and not a want.  If our baler goes down the cost of recyclables will go through the roof.  Sweet made the motion to approve.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Motion passed 2-1 with the Chairman voting no.
Article #12.  SEA Union Contract.  Bratz said they could vote on this now if they had time to review it.  Sweet said he had no questions.  Hennessey made the motion to approve.  Sweet seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  
Article #13.  AFSCME Union Contract.  Bratz stated they approved this at their last meeting so no action is required.  
Article #14.  Special Town Meeting.  Bratz stated there is not tax impact therefore no action is needed.
Article 15.  Unexpended Conservation Commission Funds.  Sweet moved to accept.  Hennessey seconded.  Motion passed 3-0.
Article 16.  Unexpended Welfare Funds.  Sweet moved to approve.  Hennessey seconded.  Motion passed 3-0.
Article 23.  Chamber of Commerce.  Sweet moved to approve.  Hennessey seconded.  Motion passed 3-0.
Article 24.  Glenwood Cemetery.  Hennessey moved to approve.  Sweet seconded.  Motion passed 3-0.
Article 25.  Community Center.  Sweet motioned to approve.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Dorsett said the community center had met with the budget committee.  The budget committee asked them about their capital reserve funds.  The community center indicated the fund was depleted.  The budget committee did not want to fill their fund up until they had a plan as to what they would do with the funds.  Motion failed 3-0.
Article 26 Library part time employee.  Sweet moved to approve.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Motion failed 3-0.
Bratz said they were now on the Social Service Warrant Articles.  Noyes said this time they voted on the articles as a block vote.  Bratz said we have tried to make it clear that these social services are not municipal issues.  We have voted no in a block and we have voted to pass over.  Sweet said he does not know the financial status of these agencies.  Not knowing their condition he could not make a decision if they need the funds or not.  Sweet motioned to pass over these article.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Motion to pass over the block of social service articles passed 3-0.  
Bratz asked if there was anything else before they go to public input.  Stubbings reminded the board they needed to revisit the record storage for the police department.  Hennessey asked if there was $20,000 in the budget.  Noyes stated no.  This item was taken off the list of encumbrances.
Public Comments: 
Unknown citizen said he has attended all of the most recent meetings.  He has not seen the proposed and default budget.  Noyes said they were given out at the budget committee meetings.  Noyes said she would give him one at the budget committee tomorrow.  This citizen also had some comments on the library asking for a full time librarian and a part time librarian. 
Bratz stated the board would now go into a nonpublic session at 6:08 PM.  
Board Action: 
Hennessey made the motion to go into nonpublic session.  Sweet seconded the motion.  Motion passed with a unanimous roll call vote.  
Note:  The board may go into a nonpublic session per the following RSA’s:
 _X   RSA 91-A:3, II (a)  The dismissal, promotion, or compensation of any public employee or the disciplining of such employee, or the investigation of any charges against him or her, unless the employee affected (1) has a right to a public meeting, and (2) requests that the meeting be open, in which case the request shall be granted.
The board came out of the nonpublic session at 5:20 PM.  Sweet made the motion to seal the minutes Hennessey seconded the motion.  Motion to seal the minutes passed 3-0.  No decision was made in this session.  Bratz asked for a motion to adjourn.  Sweet made the motion to adjourn.  Hennessey seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  The meeting adjourned at 6:21 PM