Board of Selectmen Meeting Minutes & Agendas

May 6, 2019

Board of Selectmen Minutes - May 6, 2019


MONDAY, MAY 6, 2019
5:00 PM


Present:  Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Franco Rossi, Vice Chairman Carrie Gendreau, Selectman Chad Stearns, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings

Others Present:  Channel 2, Rudy Gelsi

Chairman Rossi called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Appointments:  Brian Patnoe (Transfer Station Manager) – Green-Up Day Results
Brian said they had the Littleton Greenup day with is the annual roadside cleanup.  It was a small turnout due to the rain, but they got a lot done.  Overall over the week, they picked up over 900 pounds of trash.

We did the Riverwalk and the parking lots.  Brian estimates that they did between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds of trash for the month.  He thanked everyone who assisted in the effort.  It definitely looks a lot better and there is still a lot more that can be done.  People are encouraged to pick up the blue bags at the Transfer Station anytime if they want to continue the cleanup efforts.  Carrie Gendreau gave a thank you to Brian and Chris Wilkins in coordinating the event.  Brian reminded everyone that the Hazardous Household Cleanup Day is coming up.  It is going to be a couple of weeks earlier than normal.  It will be the first Sunday in August. 

Town Manager’s Report:
Dorsett said he has been meeting with several agencies who are interested in developing a Cultural Arts Corridor.  It would include Littleton, Haverhill, Hanover, and Keene.  He had a meeting with USDA and the Dufresne Group.  The meeting allows them to keep up on all of the ongoing projects.  We have applied for several USDA grants and have been getting some feedback from them at this meeting.  Dorsett said he met with a taxpayer who was concerned he would not be able to afford his taxes.  The only reason he brings that up is that the taxpayer was unaware of a state program that helps lower-income residents stay in their homes.  Anyone can see the tax collector to get the forms.  We met with the school to work on an MOU.  This started a couple of years ago.  Plowing at the school was looked at and it was determined that it did not make sense for the Town to do it.  They have a good contract at a good price. We are now looking at how we can work with recreation.  We keep the fields at a high level and it looks like we may have an agreement fairly soon.  We also looked at Lakeway and what the next steps are going to be.  Dorsett went on to list the many projects and initiatives going on in the Town.  Dorsett said an event that was here some time ago called the Bass Tournament announced today that they are coming back.  They have already booked their hotels and we put them in touch with the restaurants.  The event will take place on July 7th.  Dorsett then provided the board with the year to date financial report. 

Old Business:
Chad Stearns asked if there was anything going on with the Eaton Property.  He wanted to know if a committee should be formed to look into it.  Rossi said he is curious about this too but he is hesitant to set up a committee just yet.  Dorsett said that there are many discussions going on.  

New Business:
Rossi read the Municipal Town Clerks week proclamation into the public record. 

Public Comments:
Rudy Gelsi stated his thoughts on the PILOT Agreement with Great River Hydro and said it was a scam.  Dorsett said there were several meetings held over a nine to ten month period.  Rossi said this all started before this current board and Schuyler was the board representative.  We had the Moore Dam Committee, the Town Manager and Schuyler to negotiate this deal.  The board's job is that once the deal is negotiated, is to decide if it is in the best interest of the Town.  Rossi went on to say he firmly believes that it is in the best interest of the Town. 

John Swann wanted to inform the board regarding the proposed Dalton Landfill.  Last week the planning board voted it development of regional impact.  He is here tonight hoping the Town of Littleton will get out ahead of this.  Casella is already lobbying in Concord.  It was very sneaky in how they presented their plan to the planning board.  They cut out the abutters including the state park.  This is really a bad deal for the North Country.  Imagine what it will do to the water quality.  What will happen to tourism and other things?  Rossi said it is important at this point.  It will be a good idea to stay connected to this. 

Rudy Gelsi said that he read the board embraces Senator Shaheen.  She is against the American dream.  How can you embrace someone who wants to kill all of the babies?    Rossi said he was not embracing anyone and did not know what he was talking about. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM after a unanimous roll call vote.