Committee Meetings

Jul 8, 2015

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes Jul 8, 2015


Attendees: Arwen Mitton, Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Dann, and Mary Boulanger

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the 10 June 2015 meeting were approved. The following officers were appointed:
Chair, Mary Boulanger
Vice Chair, Arwen Mitton
Secretary, Ron Bolt

Strategic Energy Action Plan

Committee priorities were reviewed and amended. Ron will publish an update. Items added to the list include Electric Vehicle Charging Station (Ron), researching town wood pellet purchasing (Dann), LED promotion, commercial/industrial lighting, and a winterization fair.

Ron reported an initial “outreach” contact with Lancaster, and is working on setting up a joint meeting.

Lighting Task Force

HB 208 died in conference, so the SB 123 program remains in place. Ligh Tec Inc. has a sub-contractor walk-through scheduled for later this week. Once the sub is selected, equipment acquisition and installation will occur at the Fire House, Transfer Station, Waste Water Treatment Plant, footbridge, and Senior Center.

Ron will contact Steve Elliott about streetlight rebate possibilities.

EMP Task Force

The Energy Management Plan Task Force (Peter, Dann, Ron) have completed visits to the Transfer Station, Senior Center, and Opera House. Several issues were discovered at the Senior Center and Opera House. The goal is to complete the department head meetings and produce a list of observations and budget recommendations to the Board of Selectmen by the end of August.

Ron now has direct access to the town utility (electric and fuel) providers. This will streamline the process of entering data into Portfolio Manager and should result in more accurate information.

Other Business

Several members attended a 6 July appointment with the Littleton Water & Light Commission. The primary topics discussed were repurposing the retired landfill as a solar PV site, LED streetlights, and large biomass projects. The Commission thanked the ECC for its efforts and were generally supportive our energy conservation as long as they make good economic sense.

Construction of the new DPW garage is well underway. Peter will contact George McNamara on these matters:

Specs for possible energy efficiency rebates
LEEDs certification

Next meeting: Wednesday, August 12th 2015, 9 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary