Committee Meetings

Jul 9, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission Minutes Jul 9, 2015

River District Redevelopment Commission
Thursday July 9, 2015


Commission Attendees: John Hennessey, Chad Stearns, Brody Tuite, Dave Ernsberger, Fred Moody

1. June 1 Selectboard Meeting (John) 5 Minutes
Chris Fournier Lead Engineer at HEB gave presentation of covered bridge options and recommendation. Selectboard approved recommended design.

2. Bridge Street Bridge Project Update (Fred) 10 Minutes
Planset and RFP for bridge fabrication will be released next Thursday 7/16 with bids due 7/31. Lighting recommendation not yet completed. Fred and George McNamara recommended using the same bridge facing as the covered bridge, modest extra cost and high aesthetic value. General agreement from commission members and attendees. Need property owner easements for construction, Town will work with Engineers on that. 13 Bridge St. property acquired by town and cleared and prepped site to be used for construction of bridge.

3. 2015 Grant Applications Update (Fred) 20 Minutes

    • Submitted June, request down from $7.5M to $4.4M
  • EDA
    • Submitted amended app in June $3.2M down to $2.5M
  • CDBG
    • $0.5M application to be submitted in July
    • John thanked AHEAD for conducting survey work critical to the application submission
  • Economic Study
    • NH Bureau of Labor and Statistics did an economic impact study of the River District project and issued a report that the project will create 500 jobs in the region.

4. Rights of Way (Fred) 10 Minutes

Still need 5 rights of way. Chad agreed to act as liaison between Town, Engineers and Property owners.

5. Commission Membership (Fred) 10 Minutes
Fred handed out the updated Commission member listing. Mary Boulanger noted that Val has stepped down as the Conservation Commission representative due to other commitments and Mary has taken his place. Commission members thanked Mary for joining.

6. Land Use Committee (Chad) 5 Minutes
Chad noted there may be leftover money from the pedestrian bridge construction that could be used for the Riverwalk portion of this project phase. TBD based on bridge construction.

7. Special Projects Committee (Dave) 10 Minutes

  • Harmony Park
    • Dave suggested that the Town and River District work with the Chamber to advertise the community based on all the positive news articles and accolades the Town has been receiving the past several years.
    • Working on wellness focused initiatives for the River District, perhaps exercise stations along the river.
    • Tree Harp Senior Center project should be installed this summer, perhaps within the next 30 days.


  • Steve Hight noted the rail trail will be mowed in August to Whitefield and the remaining track will be pulled this year or next year.
  • Geoff Sewake wrote an article about Littleton in NH Business Review