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Oct 11, 2017

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - October 11, 2017

                                  MEETING OF 11 OCTOBER 2017


Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, John Lofgren, and Bob O’Conner


Guests: David Van Houten, President, Ammonoosuc Region Energy Team; Justin Roshak, Littleton Courier Reporter


Administrative Matters:


The minutes of the September meeting were approved.


Energy Management Plan


            Our 2017 Observations and Recommendations were briefed to the Town Manager on 9/21 and the Board of Selectmen on 9/25. Key points:


  • While we still closely monitor municipal departments, the ECC began to place more emphasis on information and education (examples provided)


  • Need for new fuel consumption baseline for the highway garage and fire station, including two operational BTU meters and fuel top-off


  • Most energy efficiency improvements can be handled through 2017 end-of-year money or 2018 budget items (no warrant articles recommended)


  • Town Building/Opera House insulation project bid came in about $10K under the appropriation


  • An attempt to compare energy consumption at new v. old highway garage will be undertaken and provided as information to the tax payers


Town Manager Andrew Dorsett agreed to fund the registration fees for the annual LES Conference. He identified Mr. Donahue as our interim Parks and Recreation point of contact. He indicated that he would sign the J. Myers contract for the work on the Opera House and named Amos Bell as the Clerk of the Works. Finally, Andrew indicated that he was open to a discussion with the OH Commissioners regarding any necessary clarifications in the MOU between the commission and Town. Historically we have worked with the Commission on all energy matters related to the whole building but their role is supposed to be limited to the performance venue.


The briefing to the Board of Selectmen was well received, with Peter handling the recommendations and Ron the information and education portion. Selectman Rossi asked if the $10K savings on the OH could be spent on other energy efficiency projects, and the question was deferred to the Town Manager. Selectman Bratz commented on the need to remedy the unvented dryer at the fire station, and asked about the impact of solar gain on room temperature management at the highway garage.


Peter will try to arrange a meeting with the library Board of Trustees to go over our observations and recommendations. One major issue is the window A/C units, for which ARC has provided a replacement proposal with an estimated cost of about $25K. The status of the proposal is uncertain, and Ron will contact the Town Manager about this. David suggested contacting Taylor Caswell, who may have funding sources that could be applied to this project. John will try to contact Taylor as soon as possible. There is also the possibility of SB 123 PUC funding assistance.


The draft 3rd Annual Energy Management Report was discussed with general agreement on the contents and presentation. Ron mentioned that he had to confirm some of the budget numbers with Karen Noyes before the report can be finalized. A suggestion was made to include heating degree days history  and the need to add some information on the cost of streetlight electricity (i.e. usage is down but costs are up due to a rate increase in 2016). Some food for thought was offered about ways to improve and/or expand future EMRs.


Wood Pellet Operations


            The BTU meter has been installed but has not been powered up yet. Peter sent a noted to Joe DePalma and Joe Merceiri regarding the desire to create a new baseline on energy consumption at the highway garage and fire station before the onset of the coming heating season.


Opera House Project


            The Town has accepted the bid from J. Myers and the work can commence now. Unfortunately, the SB 123 PUC incentive dollars earmarked for 2017 have been spent. This means we will have to apply for 2018 dollars in January (Peter has a telephone commitment).




            The Littleton Courier published our Kill-a-Watt article submission.  Still pending are articles on the CDFA low-cost energy audits for small business and the Button Up NH Workshop. Next, Bob will re-submit his series of articles on energy efficiency.


Button Up Workshop


            This 25 October event is targeted at the residential audience and will be sponsored by the Littleton Food Co-Op. Advertisement thus far includes flyer distribution, which needs to be expanded. Ron will do a plug on WLTN radio and Bob will see about getting the event posted on Channel 2. David suggested contacting AHEAD, the school district Industrial Arts, and Littleton Water & Light.



Other Business


  • David announced that the ARET is in the early stages of planning for an energy fair next spring.  The focus may be on technology, and he is looking for ideas on a keynote speaker that can address the big picture on the future of energy.


  • David also mentioned a simple “green light – red light” device that is being used in Canadian households to indicate when energy demand is low or high. This can be used to help homeowners decide when to use high energy consumption appliance, etc.


  • Ron wondered in the concept of leasing solar panels had come to the attention of vendors, utility companies, and policy makers in NH (it is popular in Nevada). Justin indicated that such an arrangement was under consideration at two regional schools. David added that some vendors offer a buy-out option after about 6 or 7 years, which some renters find appealing.



Next meeting: Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 10:30 AM, at the Community Center


Ron Bolt, Secretary