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Sep 13, 2017

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - September 13, 2017

                                  MEETING OF 13 SEPTEMBER 2017


Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Bob O’Conner, and Bill Gendreau

Administrative Matters:

No minutes were taken at the August meeting, and no action taken, due to limited participation. The July 14th meeting minutes were approved.

Energy Management Plan

            The compilation of observations and recommendations was reviewed and a list to present to the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen was approved. Ron will set up the meetings and work on the annual power point Energy Management Report.

Wood Pellet Operations

            It does not appear that the BTU meter has been installed at the highway garage, and the town has not settled of a pellet provider. We hope to get all fuel storage containers topped off before the start of the heating season as we still desire to make a best effort determination of relative heat demand at the highway garage and fire station.                

Opera House Project

            Peter and Bill reviewed the proposals for the insulation work and recommended J. Myers, who provided the lowest bid - and at a savings of about $10K under the projected cost. J. Myers will send a proposed contract to the Town. The committee will recommend that Amos Bell be the Clerk of the Works.


            Peter did not hear back from the Courier about his Kill-a-Watt article submission. Ron will try to find out the status as we have other articles in the works. Bob will wait until the fall to resubmit his articles.

Button Up Workshop

            This event is scheduled for 25 October at the Opera House and is targeted at the residential audience. We will ask the Town to make copies of the flyer. Peter will find out if the Littleton Food CO-OP will sponsor the workshop and provide the refreshments. Ron will work on disseminating the information to the public, including through the school system.

Other Business

  • Peter, Bob, and Ron plan on attending the Annual LES Conference.  
  • Peter heard that some re-glazing has been done on the stained glass windows at the Opera House. It is not known if additional sealing measures were taken or are contemplated.
  • Ron will contact the school science teacher about next steps with her students.


Next meeting: Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 10:30 AM, at the Community Center

Ron Bolt, Secretary