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Jul 6, 2017

Parks & Recreation Committee Minutes - July 6, 2017

Littleton Parks & Rec meeting Agenda
Date / Time:  7/6/17        6pm
Location: Chamber office
Facilitator: Travis Lewis

Note taker: Danielle C.

Attendance: Ryan Glass, Jeff Brammer, Travis Lewis, and Danielle Cook



Items Discussed



1. Welcome                                                          

         Travis brings meeting to order



2. Parks

            Approval of minutes of June:


                   - Correction made to reflect that we held our own training for park counselors and staff due to the other rec departments I the area not being able to connect on date expected/planned.


           Pool Filter ($800): Need a new one – hasn’t been changed/replaced for a long time. Ryan has made sure the chemicals are up to pare with the pool using an app from his phone. Conversation was had regarding using a contractor to put chemicals in the pool while Ryan is gone this summer.


           Discussion pursued about the maintenance list regarding insurance agency with pool. Who will be doing?


            Capitol Improvement Plan - needs: Andrew shared with Ryan he would like this to be a thorough list of everything that needs to be done.

                  - Tower at little league field

                  - Park entrance

                  - Fencing

                  - New playground at Remich

                  - Pool plan ($100,000 for next 3yrs)

                  - Fields reseeded

                  - Little league concession stand

                  - Fields lighting

                  - Apthorp tennis building (riverfront)

                  - Park trails – paved

                  - Remove old snack shacks at Brickyard

                 - Dog park

                 - Dells

                 - Kilburn Crags – parking


  3. Recreation:

                - July 4th:

                       - Budget: (Ryan shared spreadsheet)

                       - Discussion about future years:

                                  - Location – Moving to Remich

                                  - Dates – Multi day event

                                  - Events – fireworks, rides etc

                    * Travis made a motion to budget and lock down a firework company for next year. Seconded by Jeff Brammer.

                - Rec Summer Program: 143 kids registered, averaging 90 a day

4. Personnel:

                 - Andrew came and discussed a job position opening

                           - Review job description

                           - Ad will run for 2-3 weeks

                           - Interview process will ensue


                - Pool Staff Discussion:

                     - Staffed with 4 lifeguards right now (However one of the four staff are pending)


              - FMLA Parks Plan:

                     - Flow chart

                     - Organizational plan




Next meeting for Architects: 7/13/17 6pm Opera Building

           *Ryan to check to see if we can reschedule*

Next meeting August  3, 2017


Future Discussions:

- Golf tournament – Donations (talk it up) 9/25/17

- Updates from Rec Program, Pool, Joe DePalma

- New position (where we are at)