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Jul 12, 2017

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - July 12, 2017

                                  MEETING OF 12 JULY 2017

Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, Bob O’Conner, Bill Gendreau, and John Lofgren

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the 14 June 2017 meeting were approved.

Meeting time has been changed to 10:30 AM.

Wood Pellet Operations

            We have received a note indicating that Dan Hebert Inc. will be installing a BTU meter in the highway garage before this coming winter. Peter has been monitoring pellet usage by taking readings off the BTU at the fire station. Having BTU meters at both buildings will facilitate assessing operational effectiveness and cost distribution between the two buildings.

            Committee members discussed the possibility of trying to quantify the energy savings at the new highway garage compared to the old garage. The consensus was that this was worthwhile and that converting the various energy sources (oil, propane, wood) to BTUs would be the best method. This will be further discussed with the Public Works Director.

            Also discussed was the possibility of estimating the annual savings of all of the energy conservation and efficiency projects over the past several years.

Opera House Project

            Peter and Bill have completed the scope of work for insulating the Town Building, aka Opera House, and delivered the document to the Town Manager for execution of an RFP. The document also includes contact information on five local contractors that might want to bid on the job. Peter will inform PUC/Eversource on the status of the project, which has taken some time to resolve issues related to the historic easement on the building. 

            Relatedly, Peter suggested making a rough estimate on the energy efficiency of a proposed change of the air conditioning at the library to see if this project might qualify for some form of SB 123 subsidy.


            Peter will be submitting to the Courier an article on the availability of the Kill-a-Watt devises at the public library.

            The status of Bob’s five articles remains unknown, with only one article published by the Courier to date.           

            Ron suggested writing an article on the availability of low-cost energy audits for businesses being offered by the Community Development Finance Authority. Peter suggested working with one local business to test the administrative waters prior to advertising the program. Bill suggested that when we get to that point, perhaps the Chamber of Commerce would help advertise the program.

            Ron will submit a request for a Button UP Workshop, probably during a week day evening in October.

Energy Management Plan

            Consumption data for the past six months has been entered into Portfolio Manager, and we have held annual visits with three departments. The other departments will be visiting in July and August. In September, Ron will compile the observations and recommendations and schedule appointments with the Town Manager, Board of Selectmen and, possibly, the Library Board of Trustees.

            Peter reported that the retrofit fixtures have been installed by the Waste Water Treatment Plant. We are still in the dark about the results of the energy efficiency study of treatment plants conducted state-wide.

Other Business

  • The Annual LES Conference will be held on 28 October and we should plan on attending and get Town funding for the fees.
  • A follow-up meeting with the middle school science teacher should be scheduled over the summer. Possible activities for the new school year include tours of local energy alternative examples, a scientific project about energy efficiency within the school district, and expansion of the food composting project.

Next meeting: Wednesday, 9 August 2017, 10:30 AM, at the Community Center


Ron Bolt, Secretary