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Feb 8, 2017

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - February 8, 2017

Littleton Energy Conservation Committee
Minutes of February 8, 2017 Meeting
Littleton Community Center


Members present: Peter Cooper, John Lofgren, Bob O’Connor

Meeting called to order at 10:15 by Vice Chairman Copper

The minutes of last month’s meeting were accepted.

Peter showed data he had taken on the energy use by the fire station and the town garage.  The 65 - 35 % breakdown in the garage to fire station looks to be reasonable.

The committee said the energy use at these facilities looks okay and will not be addressed again unless there are some significant changes in the energy use at these two buildings.

Bill Gendreau will make the presentation on the Town Building energy warrant article.  Peter has been in contact with EnerSource and has been assured that they will cover 50% of the cost of this project.  This means the payback time will be reduced to around 4 years, even using the high figures for the cost of propane.

The five articles on energy savings looked okay (with a few corrections) and will be submitted to the Courier for publishing.

Peter indicated that the questions to the Committee by Milt Bratz had been answered.

John has contacted Samantha Whitcomb at the Daisy Bronson Middle school about implementing energy project into the curriculum.  Ms. Whitcomb will contact the pertinent staff at the high school to include them in the proceedings.

In the future we may investigate methods of heat storage including phase change and heat sinks.

Submitted by Bob O’Connor