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May 8, 2017

Board of Selectmen Minutes - May 8, 2017

MONDAY, MAY 8, 2017
4:30 PM


Present:  Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Schuyler Sweet, Vice Chairman Franco Rossi, Selectman Milton T. Bratz, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings

Others Present:  Andrea Day (Dufresne Group), Dale Prior (Channel 2), Joe DePalma (Public Works Director), Peter Cooper, Bill Gendreau. Rudy Gelsi

Sweet called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance

Dufresne Group Consulting Engineers, Andrea Day – Sub Area 5 Presentation
Andrea Day talked about funding alternatives.  The original cost estimate for the project, including permit fees, and inflation for construction for next year was $2 million dollars.  That is the amount that was voted on at Town Meeting.  The various funding sources they have looked into include USDA, local borrowing, Sate of NH Clean Water State Revolving Fund and local funding of design to create a “shovel ready” project. We submitted an application to the USDA Rural Development in January. Due to the NHI, Littleton is eligible up to a 45% grant. However there are a lot of factors that go into our eligibility as to whether we actually get the grant.   We learned after their review of the application, that Littleton was not eligible for a grant at this time because of low debt.  There is only one loan associated with the sewer fund and the user rates are $80 below the target rate.  There are a large number of commercial users.  They said this $2 million dollar project is not big enough to push us over the threshold.  A larger project would be helpful.  They basically said to come back with a bigger project for a better chance.  They did have us look into local borrowing a little closer.  Local borrowing was available but the rates were not attractive.  Day said that unfortunately USDA has fallen off the table for us. They basically said come back with a bigger project and we would have a better chance.    They had us look into local borrowing a little closerWe did look into it but the rates were not as attractive as we had hoped.  Day then went through some of the terms the various banks they had contacted offered.  We submitted another application with another agency about this time last year.  We are on the list for funding and we are in the funding range for this project.   Littleton qualified for 12.5% forgiveness.  We had a conference call with the State Clean Water Revolving Fund and reviewed all the factors that go along with the Clean Water Loan.  This is a loan at 2% for 20 years.  The 12.5% is given up front.  It can be used for costs to date so some of the cost sharing may be eligible.The priority list for this project was for $2 million dollars.  Andrew Dorsett had asked Day if it would be possible to roll in Mill Street.  Day said she sent them the information on Mill Street and the estimated cost. They said that because it is similar in nature and in the same vicinity, it could be included in this loan.   There is no penalty for prepayment.  Applications for the Clean Water Fund are due June 30th.  Franco asked if that means the funds would be available or just the approval.  Andrea said just the approval.  Andrea the other option is to not complete the project at this time and just do the design $91,000 is the estimate for the design.  Bratz said they have not agreed to a final design.  Andrea said no, so far they only have the study.   

Bratz said this is a big issue for the town.  We would be chasing this one and then another one in a few years.  Sweet asked Day what she recommends the board do.  Andrea said she has a summary for the board to make a choice on the different alternatives.  The NH Clean Water Fund is good if you want to do something with Mill Street.  Sweet asked what would happen if they chose an alternate option other than what was voted on at Town Meeting.  Andrew Dorsett said they would have to do another bond vote at Town Meeting.  Sweet said if they change the option they have to wait until next year.  Franco Rossi said that is only if we decided to change.  Sweet if we stay with the option we voted and bonded for we can go with that now.  If we change our options, we need to have a special town meeting which is expensive.  Bratz said it was alternative 3 that we voted on at Town Meeting.  .Sweet said they would decide at the end of the meeting.  The board had no further questions.  Joe DePalma asked if they were going to take out Union Street or only do a portion.  He would rather skip by Union Street and do some of the smaller streets.  Some of the side streets have low flow.  He would rather replace some of the small streets.  Bratz said the warrant article was not specific regarding streets.

Town Manager’s Report:
Dorsett stated that Safe Routes to School’ received notice of additional funds.  We are waiting for notice for the pre-bid contracts.  We are working on economic development with the Brooks building and the Shilling project.  There is a meeting.  Dorsett said the Town has a contract with NCIC to help the Town find money for special project.  They also make sure we make all the criteria for receiving funds. 

Other Business: 
Ammonoosuc River Local Advisory Committee Nominations
Sweet said the board nominates/recommends the appointments to this committee.  DES will make the actual appointments.  Sweet said they had asked for more time to make a decision on the Water & Light Commissioner appointment.  They had five very good applicants that were interviewed it was a very hard decision to make.  Sweet thanked all of the applicants.  

Sweet said the board recommends Connie McDade, Art Greene and Don Pelletier for three year terms to the ARLAC Committee.  The DES will be notified this week.

Water & Light Board of Commissioner Appointment
Sweet announced Peter Cooper has been appointed to the Littleton Water & Light Board of Commissioners for a three year term.

Confirmation of Summer Meeting Schedule
Sweet said typically in the past we have only one meeting during the summer months.  Sweet suggested they meet the second Monday of the month.  The board agreed to the schedule.

Old Business:  None

New Business:
TAN (Tax Anticipation Note) Request

“Motion to authorize the Town Manager and Treasurer to take a TAN for no more than $1,500,000 without additional approval.  The TAN will be financed at the lowest rate possible and for no more than a three month period without additional approval.  This authorization for approval for the TAN will expire on July 30, 2017.”  

Dorsett explained a TAN is a short term loan to help pay for expenses until the property tax funds begin coming in. We may need to avoid taking a TAN.  Sweet said they would vote at the end of the meeting. 

Public Comments:
Rudy Gelsi wanted to make a comment from when Milton Bratz was the chairman in 2015.  He has a paper from April 28, 2017.  This article is about a couple of our representatives, like Sununu.  They came here to talk to anyone that make this Town better.  In 2015 at the Deliberative Session, Quite a few people stand up and talk about the “five hundred jobs” that the River District was promised to the Town.  Anyway now we got a paper in 2017 that the same article, shows a representative saying eventually would create five hundred jobs.  It is right here in this paper.  He would like to know if you guys know about any articles coming out and any lies that you know they spread around to the citizen of Littleton.  They said they created five hundred jobs which is not the truth.  Bratz said he would object to the word lies.  Bratz said those were projections and there were no time limits.  It could be ten years before there were five hundred jobs.  That was their best projections at the time.  There were some survey materials and projections being made by an external source.  Gelsi told Bratz he should remember five or six people got up and talked about this.  It was impossible, they were never going to raise five hundred jobs in the River District.  You guys are the officers of the Town and for the wellbeing of the citizens of Littleton, tell then that is not the truth, that you will never create five hundred jobs.  Franco Rossi told Gelsi he didn’t know how he could make a statement like that.  Rossi said it is an opinion and no one knows if they can or if they can’t.  Gelsi said it is a lie. 

Kim Blaisdell wanted Milt’s attention.  She had hip surgery six days ago and she is not doing well.  She is in a lot of pain and she wants to go home.  Her taxes are due and she has found a solution on how to pay them.  She would like an extension until June 1st.  Apparently her 2014 taxes were due and the Town was going to put her property in the Town’s name.  Sweet advised her that she is on the agenda for the nonpublic portion of the meeting.  Sweet said they would go into the nonpublic session as soon as they finish the public session. 

A citizen had a few questions on the Union Street lining.  Is the piping adequate enough to support everything going through there?  His other question is if we line this pipe, how much are we reducing what we can carry in?  Andrea Day said the size of the pipe is adequate but the lining is not.   Rudy Gelsi asked if the board has made a decision on the two million dollar bond for the water and sewer without any special meeting.  Sweet advised Gelsi that the decision was made at Town meeting.  All the board is doing is making the decision on the funding.  Gelsi asked if the three guys decide how to fund the project.  Sweet told him that was correct.  Gelsi asked if there were no citizen input.  Sweet said again he was correct, unless he would like some input right now.  Gelsi said no, what’s the sense.  Sweet told Gelsi that perhaps if he were to give them some input in advance it would be helpful.  Gelsi said he wished he could.  There was no further public input. 

Board Action:
Sweet said the board had to act on two items.  The first is the method for financing for the sewer project.  Sweet said the logical way to go is with the Clean Water Act.  Rossi made the motion to fund the project with the Clean Water Act Funding.  Bratz seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0. 

Sweet said the second action is on the Tax Anticipation Note. Bratz made the motion to approve the TAN.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0. 

Sweet asked for a motion to adjourn.  Bratz made the motion.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.  The public meeting adjourned at 5:41 PM.