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Apr 12, 2017

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - April 12, 2017

                                  MEETING 12 APRIL 2017

Attendees:   Peter Cooper, Ron Bolt, John Lofgren, Bob O’Connor, Bill Gendreau, and David Van Houten

Administrative Matters:

The minutes of the March meeting were approved.

Wood Pellet Operations

              There were only two deliveries this heating season (October and January) but the silo is almost empty. Peter estimates that the consumption split between the highway garage and fire station is about 65% to 35%. Peter would like to see the propane consumption numbers at the garage before assessing the operational performance of the pellet system. He will provide a response to Froling Energy at that time.


            The Fire Chief indicated that a BTU meter will be installed at the highway garage. With meters at both buildings, we should have more precise consumption numbers for the next heating season.


Opera House


             The Opera House Energy Reduction Improvements warrant article passed at Town Meeting in March and we have confirmation that the PUC rebate is still in play. We now need to put the specs together for an RFP for the deconstruction-construction and insulation project. Potential bidders besides J. Myers include Russell Heaney (Superior Sprayfoam), Whitney, and Lawton. Peter and Bill will work up the specs and meet with the Town Manager to formalize the RFP. The scope of work also needs to be provided to the Opera House Commission for purposes of ensuring compliance with the historic easement on the building.


Bill suggested that a blower door test be included in the specs. A blower door test was attempted last year by J. Myers but was unsuccessful due to the overall leakiness of the Opera House. Ron suggested that a before-and-after consumption comparison might be satisfactory as a measure of improved efficiency.


Earth Day Event


             We were approached by the Town Manager to put together some sort of energy efficiency information table during the town-side clean up on April 22nd. A celebratory post-clean up barbeque is planned for Remich Park that day. Ron suggested a table with our banner and information about our activities and accomplishments. Ron will provide Bob with information for potential visual arts and charts. The event could also be used as a recruitment opportunity for the committee.


Ammonoosuc Regional Energy Team Update


            David reported on an initiative out of Lisbon to create a Community Solar Farm. Three things are needed: a host; investors; and, customers. The host seems to be in place on a site that could produce 100 kW of energy, enough to power about 20 houses. If this becomes a reality, it could serve to spur other similar initiatives.


            The Ammonoosuc Land Conservation and Energy Roundtable in February was an attempt to get local energy committees and conservation commissions together. Peter and Tom Alt attended from Littleton. David suggested that a next step could be a combined energy-conservation fair.


 Other Business


  • Bob submitted five information articles to the Courier but they have not been published yet. He will send them a tickler.
  • John will set up a meeting with the science teacher to discuss potential student projects.
  • Peter will contact the new head librarian for an initial meeting. There are a number of new Trustees, so a meeting with the board may be warranted.
  • An architect has been hired to come up with concepts for Parks and Recreation as the commissioners consider options for replacing the aging building at Remich Park.


Next meeting: 10 May 2017, 9 AM, Community Center


Ron Bolt, Secretary