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Apr 24, 2017

Board of Selectmen Minutes - April 24, 2017

MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017
5:00 PM

Present:  Town Manager Andrew Dorsett, Chairman Schuyler W. Sweet, V. Chairman Franco Rossi, Selectman Milton T. Bratz, Executive Secretary Ceil Stubbings

Others Present:  Chief Paul Smith (Littleton PD), Joe Rossignoli (Granite State Power Link), Dave Harkless, Rudy Gelsi, Dennis Sharp, Amy Sharp, Ralph Hodgman, Eddy Moore, Tom Considine, Dick Massimilla, Linda Massimilla, Brian Patnoe, Jim McMahon, Robert Blechl (The Caledonian Record)

Pledge of Allegiance

Chief Paul Smith (Littleton PD) – National Volunteer Week
Chief Smith and Dennis Sharpe provided a presentation on this important recognition week.  Sharpe said they also provide parade patrol.  He joined in 2011 he gets a lot out of it.  They are now able to have the parades at little or no cost to the Town.  They are trying to get more people on board.   On June 17th they will be doing a bake sale at the Littleton Food Co-op.  Sharpe said he hopes people come out to meet them and talk with the group and the chief.  The chief the VIP’s are self-funded.

The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program was created by the United States Department of Justice and established in Littleton in 2008.  Since its inception, the Littleton chapter of VIPS continues to be an integral part of the Littleton Police Department.  The VIPS program provides support and resources for agencies interested in developing or enhancing a volunteer program and for citizens who wish to volunteer their time and skills with a community law enforcement agency. The program’s ultimate goal is to enhance the capacity of state and local law enforcement by utilizing volunteers.  Our volunteers have been able to provide assistance to the officers and the community in the following areas: community outreach such as the Halloween Festival and Safe Routes to School Bike Rodeo, cruiser maintenance, prosecutorial assistance, house checks, landscaping, speed trailer deployment, front desk assistance to the administrative staff and assist with traffic control during the numerous parades that our community holds.  Annually the Littleton Police Department Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) donate equipment for the men and women of the department.   The VIPS raise money through private donations and an annual fundraiser. In 2016, enthusiastic volunteers have logged approximately 1196 hours of service to the community and department. Utilizing the formula provided by the Federal Government, those hours of service calculated into $28,452.84 in savings to the tax payer.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or want to learn more about VIPS, check them out at the Littleton Police Department website, under the “Divisions” tab.  They are always looking for new members.

Accept Anonymous AED Donation to the Police Department
Chief Smith said the volunteers are trained in many functions that don’t require a certified officer.  The Police Department does not have an AED.  The volunteers have said they want to learn how to use the AED’s.  An anonymous donor has decided to gift this to the department.  The value of the AED is $760. Sweet said they would hold off on the vote and make it under board action.  

Town Manager’s Report:
Joe Rossignoli (Senior Project Manager) – Granite State Power Link
Joe thanked the board for the opportunity to be here and to provide the presentation.  There is a big need for clean power in the region.  We began thinking about paths from Quebec down into New England.  Phase One comes down from Vermont and then over the Connecticut River and into Monroe and then continues to Tewksbury.  The presentation provided a list of all of the Towns involved.  Bratz said the board took a strong stance against the Northern Pass.  After reading through the presentation over the weekend, he said he would not have a problem with this project.  The towers have been here for some time now and are part of the environment.  A copy of the presentation will be posted to the Town’s website on the Town Manager’s Corner page.

Dave Harkless – School Street Parking Lot
Dave Harkless stated that over a year ago he had a call from Andrew Dorsett and George McNamara regarding a parking issue on School Street.  Harkless said he talked to Tom Considine at the same time regarding the old reservoir located there.  Tom Considine said they can’t build anything on it.  Harkless said he thought of making a small pump track at the location.  A pump track is a type of off road terrain for cycle sport consisting of a circle of banked turns and features designed to be completely ridden by riders “pumping” creating momentum via up and down body movements. They are relatively simple and cheap to construct.  They cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels.  They are popular at council owned parks and schools.   It can be done with no cost to the tax payer.  The Water & Light Department is willing to help.   Harkless had a plan designed by Horizon’s.  He also reached out to Chief Paul Smith who said he would advise them on the proper signage so they could patrol the site.  In addition he reached out to Joe DePalma and asked him if his crew would be willing to maintain it.  DePalma said he would figure out a way to help.  Sweet thanked Harkless for his homework as usual.  Harkless said plans to go to the conservation commission to make them aware of what is going on.  He thinks this will be a win for the conservation commission.  Rossi asked if he was talking about the parking area or the building of the biking track if the planning had to be involved in this effort.  Harkless said the land is owned and controlled by the Water & Light Department.  Tom Considine said it basically is on Town property.  

Other Business: 
Appoint Alternate to the Pemi Baker Solid Waste District
Sweet said in the past it has been the Town Manger.  They will vote at the end of the meeting.

Old Business: 
Correction to Appointments at April 10th Meeting
Sweet said there was a conflict with the planning and zoning appointments made at the last meeting.  Jim McMahon was appointed as an alternate to both boards.  Jim will be an alternate member of the zoning board and not the planning board. 

Update on Littleton Greenup Day
Brian Patnoe said the Town wide road cleanup day was held this past weekend on April 22nd.  There was a good turnout despite the weather.  Patnoe thanked everyone who came out to participate.  Seventy one bags of trash were collected.  Six Hundred and Eighty Five pounds of trash was collected.  Seventeen roads and streets were cleaned.  Dorsett said there was strong support from the local businesses.  

Update on Proposed Dumpster Ordinance
Milt Bratz said at the last meeting they discussed two ordinances.   This is the first of the two and it has to do with keeping dumpsters closed.  It has to do with commercial dumpsters and is also in regards to standing water.  This has been reviewed by the Town attorney.   Bratz said this came about because he had received complaints about dumpsters being overloaded with trash and bears coming out to forage.  The standing water has to do with mosquito viruses.  They had one testing of a mosquito that was carrying West Nile virus.  This week in the NY Times had a story in Dallas where they had a serious breakout.  The issue for him is having the dumpsters closed.  Construction dumpsters should be covered at the end of the day.   All we need is four days of stagnant water and mosquitos will drop millions of eggs.  Bratz said the companies he dealt with were very cooperative. Bratz went over the different types of mosquitos and the various viruses they carry.  There will be a public hearing regarding this ordinance at the last meeting in May.

New Business:  None 

Public Comments:
Rudy Gelsi said he didn’t know if you follow the news from Washington.  The president gave this to the federal grant administration.  Because Littleton a lot of people are concerned and he is too asks for lots and lots of grants.  The last one you had no one knew about, even the newspapers did not know about it.  Littleton, as far as a lot of people are concerned has lots of grants.   They ask for a lot and lots of grants.  The grants are at risk of being blocked.  The grants for 2017 have been suspended.  Everyone knows that you guys supported a grant for the infrastructure and the expansion of Shillings Beer Company.  That is true.  The elimination of the grant program, say the application for the North Country has been suspended.  Included the half a million dollars for the Friendship House for the people with the problem with the drugs. The other half million was for the Morrison project in Whitefield.  The half a million dollars that the Town of Littleton asked for infrastructure to support the expansion of the Shilling Beer Company.

 A lot of people want to know because you promised this to this entity, you promised the half a million dollars to the Shilling Company, if they don’t get the half a million dollars for the reasons I just said, what are you guys going to do to keep your promise to them?  Are you going to let the taxpayers pick up the bill?  Or are you going to stop that and wait until 2020?  Dorsett stated they didn’t apply for half a million for that.  It is based on the number of jobs it will create.  Dorsett said he believes they applied for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  Shillings is doing us a favor because we are able to fund the Town infrastructure that otherwise the taxpayers would have to fund.  There are a lot of extra requirements place on the Shillings Beer Company.  They have to record information to the federal government under for Littleton to be eligible for the funds.  Dorsett said they have submitted the application.  They have been informed the project is suspended until we find out what is going to happen.

Frank Dodge had a question regarding the dumpsters.  Dodge asked if anyone checked with Casella.  He thinks that most of the dumpsters that we use all have holes in the bottom of them.  This makes it hard for water to accumulate in it.  Dodge asked what would be an approved cover.   Bratz said there isn’t one but there may be one by the time they finish with the public hearing.  The ones that were being used at the social security office looked like they had a cloth cover.  Bratz said the dumpsters that were up at the high school this summer did not have holes in the bottom.  He climbed up and looked inside and there was quite a lot of water accumulated there.  Sweet said these are the type of questions that are important at the public hearing so that if anything is left out of the ordinance it can be modified if need be.  Dodge said it is important to ask questions at the first meeting to make people aware.  Dodge asked Bratz as the Health Officer what concerns he had with stagnant ponds that are throughout the Town.  Bratz said the issues for the dumpsters is primarily in residential areas.  Bratz explained the concerns over two mosquitos that carry the ZIKA virus.  Bratz said if the dumpsters are full and are sitting right near apartments, these mosquitos are not projected to get here.  One of the mosquitos carry other viruses.  There is nothing that can be done about the ponds.  Dodge asked Bratz if he was monitoring the ponds.  Bratz said no.  The other part of the ordinance is about garbage piling up.  We have had a couple of those where neighbors have complained. 

Jim McMahon wanted to make a point on the roads that have road limit restrictions in regards to rubbish removal. It would be really hard to get a dump truck up there.  You might want to put a mechanism in that giving them approval to remove the waste.  Bratz said that once this is passed we need to work out how we are going to do the communication as well. 

Frank Dodge said he was late getting to the meeting because he was out looking at a piece of property.  When he was out looking he found a 55 gallon drum upside down with oil running out of it.  Somebody needs to do something about that.  Dodge asked if they were talking about Mt. Eustis tonight.  Franco Rossi said they did not talk about it and it was not on the agenda.  Rossi said they could talk about it.  Dodge said it was his understanding that it was a three ton limit.  Dodge asked the board if anyone of them know what a pickup truck weighs especially if it has a plow on it and a sander on the back of it.  Dodge said it would be over the three ton limit.  Tom Considine said that is a good point because our road bans are for six ton.  Rossi asked if the proposed ordinance was written up with the three ton.  Dorsett said yes.  Chief Smith said he did not think that they did a weight limit.  Sweet thanked Dodge for bring up a good point.  Dodge asked when the public hearing would be.  Sweet said sometime in May. 

Ralph Hodgman asked where the board advertises public hearings.  Do you do it in the Caledonian or the Courier?  Gelsi said they don’t advertise anyplace.  The secretary advised they advertised in the Caledonian.  They are also posted on the website, the town office bulletin board, the library and the water and light department. 

Board Action:

Bratz made the motion to accept the donation of the AED to the Police Department.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0. 

Bratz made the motion to appoint Andrew Dorsett to the Pemi-Baker Solid Waste District as an alternate.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.

Bratz motion to correct the appointment of an alternate to the planning and zoning board from April 10, 2017.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.

Bratz made the motion to support the creation of a recreational parking area on School Street.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0.

Bratz motion to adjourn.  Rossi seconded the motion.  Motion to adjourn passed 3-0.  Meeting adjourned at 6:06 PM.