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Mar 8, 2017

Energy Conservation Committee Minutes - March 8, 2017


MEETING 8 MARCH 2017 9:00 am Community House

Attendees:  Peter Cooper, Bill Gendreau, Bob O’Connor

Administrative Matters: Minutes of January meeting approved.

Letters to The Courier:

Ron’s letter on WA #18 appeared in today’s Courier.

Bob’s five energy articles submitted

 ARET Roundtable attended by Peter. The White Mountain School Sustainability class reported on a project to evaluate the condition and possible uses of WMS land.

No actionable items came out of the follow-on discussion. After the meeting Dave Van Hotten confided that the Library would benefit from help from the Energy Conservation Committee. This is different from the impression we gained from the energy audit meeting with the Library last year,

Ron will continue distribution of the Green Energy Times

Actions after WA #18 Opera House Insulation passes:

Multiple bids necessary? (Dorsett)

Will Amos Ball manage the project?

Confirm PUC rebate with Eversource.

Check with NH Historical to review design (Alberini or George Mitchell)

Contact with middle school science teacher, Samantha Whitson: Bob O’Connor to arrange meeting.

Froling query about pellet boiler operation; Cooper will contact Fire Chief and DPW.  Peter subsequently learned that pellets and propane working together satisfactorily. Early on there was trouble with new propane boiler controls hich a manufacturer’s rep resolved. Peter is collecting pellet and propane delivery quantities and dates  to see if usage is as expected.

Notes by Peter Cooper